President Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor: Wuhan Lab is “Most Likely” Source of Chinese Coronavirus

President Donald Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor is speculating that the Chinese coronavirus disease escaped from a laboratory environment before spreading into mass circulation.

Matthew Pottinger, Deputy NSA since 2019, suggested that senior Chinese government officials had even come to realize that the disease emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology before entering the Huanan Wet Seafood Market. Epidemiologists originally suggested the virus came into existence at the market, where exotic animals were brought and sold in close proximity in an unsanitary fashion.

There is a growing body of evidence that the lab is likely the most credible source of the virus,” Pottinger told British Members of Parliament in a Zoom conference last week.

Personnel of the World Health Organization are currently preparing for a comprehensive investigation into the origins of the coronavirus disease. Critics of the globalist organization- which is largely thought to be beholden to China- will cover up Chinese state malfeasance and dishonesty into the origins of the virus. An investigation into the devastating virus’ origins could have implications on preventing future outbreaks from escaping laboratory and research enviroments.

The Chinese government has proposed a series of implausible theories alleging that the coronavirus epidemic originated in another country before entering China.

Scientific consensus indicates that COVID-19 evolved from bat viruses, first adapting to pangolins(an anteater-like creature) and mutating in a manner that made it capable of infecting humans. Scientists have broadly agreed on the virus’ zoonotic origins, while declining to decisively rule out the possibility of genetic engineering or laboratory curation.

The coronavirus escaping from a laboratory doesn’t necessarily entail the virus being “man-made.” It’s possible that scientists and researchers could’ve been collecting and compiling viruses native to bats in southern China, and unsafely exposed the materials to other animals or viruses that enabled the organism to evolve for purposes of human infection.

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