President Trump’s Facebook Page is Reactivated

President Donald Trump’s Facebook page was restored on the platform Friday evening. The page had previously been deactivated in a coordinated purge on the part of Big Tech oligarchs, with Twitter permanently suspending President Trump’s account.

It’s unclear if President Trump is allowed to post on his page. Mark Zuckerberg had announced that he intended to silence the President until after the Inauguration, claiming that allowing as such presented a risk of violence after a raucous protest outside the US Capitol.

It’s most likely that President Trump is restricted from using the page until after his presidency, an unprecedented usurpation on the part of Big Tech oligarchs. Zuckerberg reinstated the page as a faux concession to opponents of his power, claiming that he hasn’t deplatformed the President and that he’s allowed on the network.

Twitter may eventually be forced to allow President Trump’s return, faced with growing competition from free speech social media platforms Parler and Gab. CEO Jack Dorsey provided a list of weak excuses for President Trump’s permanent ban, feigning consternation over unprecedented censorship he himself is responsible for.

Jared Kushner had reportedly urged President Trump to avoid making a presence on Gab and Parler, claiming that the alt-tech platforms are “fringe” and unworthy of his presence. After a censorship campaign unprecedented in American history, many Trump supporters would describe the notoriously corrupt mainstream Silicon Valley platforms in the same terms.

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