President Trump’s Twitter Feed is Back to Campaign Mode and It is Fantastic

President Donald Trump greets supporters as he arrives at the Kentucky Air National Guard Base in Louisville, Ky., Aug. 21, 2019. Trump was in town to speak at an AMVETS convention and attend a fundraiser for Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s re-election campaign. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Dale Greer)

President Donald Trump is back in campaign mode, as evidenced by his Twitter rampage on Monday that saw many targets get humiliated by the troll-in-chief.

Trump’s first Twitter ownage of the day featured a clip of former Vice President Joe Biden having a meltdown on the campaign trail. Biden refused to answer a simple question posed by a Fox News reporter about his exploits in the Ukraine, and feigned righteous indignation to cover for his lack of transparency.

Trump made Biden look foolish by juxtaposing the Democratic presidential front-runner’s angry response with his own admission of abusing his power as Vice President to make sure a Ukranian prosecutor was fired to protect his son’s business interests:

After embarrassing Biden, Trump set his sights on Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). Romney recently announced that he would refuse to endorse Trump for President in 2020 even though Trump had endorsed his Senate campaign last year.

Trump clearly did not appreciate Romney’s disloyalty, and he made that clear with a Twitter smackdown featuring video from Romney’s losing presidential campaign in 2012 before showing his own victorious presidential campaign in 2016.

Trump was not done there, as he moved on next to the flavor of the moment. He made a sardonic comment regarding the speech of Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old special needs girl who has been propped up as the international leader of the climate change movement.

He posted a tweet with a sarcastic remark about Thunberg’s doom-and-gloom rhetoric at today’s United Nations climate summit in favor of global communism.

Trump also upstaged Thunberg before she prepared to make her big entrance when he entered the Climate Summit unexpectedly. The frustration and anger could be seen on Thunberg’s face, as she has become accustomed to the spotlight since being anointed as a top globalist mouthpiece.

The President must have also angered the globalist youth leader when he skipped her speech entirely while reportedly taking a nap during the brief period of time he attended the conference:

Although Trump made an unscheduled visit to the climate change summit, he only sat through a speech by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and missed Thunberg’s blistering attack.

During the time he was there though, Trump he sat in the audience wearing headphones and appeared to close his eyes and fall asleep.

The president, who wasn’t originally scheduled to attend the summit as he’s hosting a session on religious persecution in the same building, left after 15 minutes.

The summit came on the heels of a global Youth Climate Strike on Friday where millions of people in 150 countries took to the streets and demanded faster action to address climate change.

Trump is going into full alpha mode heading into the 2020 presidential elections, and by the time the carnage is over, the libs may never recover!

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