President Woodrow Wilson Purged From Princeton University College

Princeton University announced that the Ivy League institution would remove the mention of President Woodrow Wilson from a public policy college formerly named the Wilson College on Saturday. Wilson’s name will also purged from a residential dorm hall.

Wilson had served as the President of the University, in addition to serving as the Governor of New Jersey, before being elected President of the United States in 1912. He’s most widely known for leading the United States during World War I, keeping the country out of the European War before being drawn in as a result of the Zimmerman Telegram. He led an initiative to create what was called the League of Nations after the war, a predecessor to the United Nations.

The university cited Wilson’s “racist views and policies” as the imperative for the cultural cleanse. Mainstream historians allege that Wilson had instituted elements of segregation in the federal workforce, and was supported by southern segregationists.

Princeton University trustees cited Wilson’s support for “segregationist policies” in the late 1910’s as the imperative for cleansing his name from the institution, linking some of his publicly known comments and writings to the death of George Floyd in 2020.

Monmouth University, also in New Jersey, is removing Wilson’s name from a lecture hall on campus.

Although some conservatives are smugly pointing at Wilson’s Democratic political affiliation as if his removal from public life represents a partisan victory, the cultural progressives pushing the purge his name from American institutions couldn’t care less. They’re determined to remove any mention or image of iconic American men for whatever violation of post-war liberal customs they can find, regardless of political party.

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