Presidential Candidate Jill Stein is Arrested

According to a Fox Digital report, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested on the night of April 27, 2024, while demonstrating in solidarity with Palestine on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis..

In a video published on the third party presidential candidate’s X account, Stein was escorted by police officers with her in handcuffs. Although protesters could be heard in the background of video yelling and chanting, at least one person that was not caught on camera is heard yelling about Stein’s arrest. 

“Jill Stein is arrested!” one protester was heard yelling.

Stein’s campaign manager, Jason Call, informed Fox News Digital that the candidate and her deputy campaign manager, Kelly Merrill-Cayer, were among the individuals who were arrested as they protested the university’s alleged connections to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“The demand from the encampment was specifically for the university to divest from Boeing, which manufactures munitions used in the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza at their nearby St Charles facility,” Call said to Fox News Digital. “The Stein campaign supports the demands of the students and their peaceful protest and assembly on campus. Student protest for peace and civil liberties has always represented the best part of our collective moral conscience. Solidarity.”

On top of Stein’s arrest, over 100 people were reportedly arrested at Washington University’s protest on April 27. The protests Stein and her team were involved in are part of a protest movement nationwide that aims to pressure colleges and universities to break ties with Israel as it has continued its punitive campaign against Gaza.

Stein’s arrest shows that the regime treats criticism of Israel as a major offense that merits criminal punishment or at least major social sanctions. One can recognize that she has abhorrent views on certain issues but also concede that she can express those ideas freely without facing criminal sanctions. 

No matter how one slices it, criticizing Israel is sufficient grounds for regime punishment.

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