Previously Shut Down NC Facility Given $4 MILLION To House Influx Of Illegal Alien Children

A North Carolina group home ordered shuttered by the state for misrepresenting its programs has been granted $4 million by the federal government to house children of illegal aliens, according to new reporting from WRAL.

New Horizons Group Home LLC was previously tasked by the state of North Carolina with housing seven boys with serious mental health issues. The boys suffered from conditions such depression, schizophrenia, and PTSD, with some of them confined in the presence of New Horizons’ Lumber Bridge group home 24 hours a day.

The company had promised to provide the boys with treatment, counseling, and education programs. Instead, when state regulators visited the home for a inspection, they found the seven boys simply were spending all day playing video games and watching Netflix. New Horizons lost its licensing from the state as a registered group home shortly after.

Now, they’ve received a whopping $3.9 million from the federal government to house children brought illegally across the border. Existing alien detention facilities have proved poorly suited to house the influx of underage aliens who arrive at the U.S southern border, many of whom are brought by individuals with the expectation that arriving as a supposed family unit will grant them legal status.

The grant was issued by the Administration for Children and Families, despite the fact that New Horizons hasn’t had a state license to house children for months. The company agreed to provide three years of “residential childcare support services.”

The dubious situation represents a risk for North Carolina community members and the migrant children themselves, some of whom have been plausibly used as props by adult illegal aliens seeking legal status in the United States.

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