Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Want to Move to Africa

The UK’s Prince Harry will express his desire to move from Britain to the country of Botswana in Africa in a documentary set to air Sunday night.

Harry and his wife of two years, Meghan Markle, apparently view themselves as victims of relentless scrutinizing press coverage.

It’s more than likely that the prince’s idea is little more than a performative gesture to make himself appear as a great humanitarian. It’s extremely doubtful that he’d actually go through with the idea of moving to a third-world country with a small population of 2.25 million people.

Prince Harry is said to declare in the ITV documentary when speaking of himself and his wife that “the rest of our lives, especially our live’s work, will be predominantly focused on Africa,” making it clear that the British people aren’t among his top priorities. Harry has engaged in a few token charity gestures in Africa, but it’s probably doubtful that he has much to offer to the Batswana people either.

The British public has become increasingly favorable to the idea of abolishing the monarchy in recent years. While Queen Elizabeth is largely viewed as a legitimate national symbol divorced from partisan politics, the other royals are seen in a far less flattering light.

A potential abolition of the monarchy could enable a change to the political structure of the United Kingdom- taking sovereignty over the country from a highly privileged political elite(one of whom apparently doesn’t even want to live in the country) and handing it over to the British people themselves.

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