“Principled Conservative” John Kasich Trashes Ken Paxton and Other GOP Attorney Generals as “Morally and Ethically Bankrupt”

Republican presidential candidate, Ohio Gov. John Kasich eats pizza at Gino’s Pizzeria, Wednesday, March 30, 2016, in the Queens borough of New York. The three Republican presidential candidates now say they aren’t committing to supporting whomever the party chooses as its nominee for the November election, which could lead to a messy and fractured nominating convention in July. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Former governor of Ohio and GOP presidential candidate John Kasich, currently a pro-Biden CNN political commentator, appeared on Chris Cuomo’s show Wednesday evening to trash Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and the 17 other state attorney generals who support his lawsuit against Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia over their election procedures.

Kasich, talking to Cuomo along with Obama’s former chief strategist David Axelrod, called the 18 attorney generals “morally and ethically bankrupt” and wondered “how they can look [at themselves] in the mirror.”

“I can’t believe what I am seeing in our country. These Republican leaders—and think about this—18 attorney generals across our country, members of Congress—you were just talking about the Republican leader. You know, I’ve just become convinced that these leaders are morally and ethically bankrupt. I don’t know how they can look in the mirror. I don’t. I’m flabbergasted about this. I mean, these are attorney generals. These are people who are in a position to be able to uphold the law and for them to be joining into something like this… I’m glad to see that the attorney general of Ohio did not join this, this amicus brief. You know, it’s the leadership that’s just lost it. Like I say, they’re bankrupt.”

“And Chris, the reason why my heart is bleeding because, you know, I have been a Republican all of my lifetime. But I’m an American first. And what I see happening here are the people who are supposed to be the shepherds and lead the flock in the right direction. These are shepherds who are not treating the flock right. The flock is scattered. And it’s a tragedy for my party and a tragedy for our country that we’re seeing this. Just morally and ethically bankrupt. I don’t know what else to say. It’s just so upsetting. I have been upset about this from the moment I heard about it. I have been losing my temper about it. But I wanted to come on here today and not just be yelling and screaming. What I’ve had to say is [as] strong as I can possibly say.”

Watch the full video below:

The “principled conservative” Kasich then discussed the lawsuit Thursday morning with CNN’s Kate Bolduan.

“What I wonder about is what happens in their offices when somebody comes in and suggests they ought to file an amicus brief. […] I think over time this has the possibility of damaging their political careers. If I were a candidate against them, I would bring this up. […] I was so angry. I was on last night talking about it. I kinda cooled off because it’s just a joke.”

Kasich later added: “Republican principles and ideals among these leaders went out the window about five years ago. You can’t even tell me what the Republican Party stands for anymore. I really don’t know. Do they have a position on health care? I haven’t heard one. Do they have a position on immigration? I haven’t heard one. Do they have a position on something they used to care about, which is the rising debt in America? I haven’t heard one. What’s their position on the environment? Ignore it. […] I didn’t leave the party. The party left me.”

Back in October, Big League Politics wrote about the Politico report that said the Biden team is considering John Kasich as a possible cabinet member:

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