Private Residents in California Can Now Sue Firearms Manufacturers

On January 1, 2023, California’s SB 1327 went into effect, which gives private residents the power to file lawsuits against gunmakers who violate the state’s so-called “assault weapons” prohibition or ban on gun sales to individuals under the age of 21. According to a Los Angeles Times report, supporters of this new law see lawfare as a means of “enlisting an army of grass-roots enforcers” to protect the state’s “assault weapons” prohibition and minimum age requirement.

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News SB 1327 was passed in response to the Texas heartbeat law, which allows private citizens to sue abortionists for performing abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

The lawfare approach that Gun Control Inc is promoting is a relatively new strategy to advance a civilian disarmament agenda. Gun controllers recognize that they can’t fully capture state and federal legislatures. Sometimes, when they even have legislative majorities, gun control forces can’t muster enough support to pass their gun grabs. As a result, they’re compelled to get creative. 

One way these people try to impose gun control is by using lawsuits to try to sue gun manufacturers into oblivion, thereby reducing the overall supply of guns available to law-abiding citizens. BLP has previously reported on gun control forces’ efforts to sue prominent firearms manufacturers into bankruptcy.

California is one of the Union’s most anti-Second Amendment jurisdictions. Per Guns & Ammo magazine’s rankings, California is ranked in 47th place for best states for gun owners. 

Such legislation will likely become the norm across all blue states as polarization crystallizes in US politics. 

Gun owners in blue states will likely have to use rural counties as vehicles for nullification against state-level gun control or leave their state altogether. That’s how the cookie is crumbling in American politics these days.

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