Private Security Company That Employed Left-Wing Denver Rally Shooter Matthew Dolloff Gives Up License

The private security company that employed a leftist who shot and killed a Patriot Prayer demonstrator at an event in Denver’s City Center in October has agreed to give up its business license in proceedings with the city that ended this week.

Isborn Security is admitting liability in employing Matthew Dolloff as an armed private security guard in Denver. Dolloff shot and killed Lee Keltner after a minor scuffle in which he was slapped. He’s been charged with second-degree murder, and claims self-defense in shooting the Navy veteran in the head from several feet away.

Isborn Security provided Dolloff as security to a left-wing NBC TV crew, acting as a third party contractor between 9News Denver and Pinkerton Security. Municipal proceedings between Pinkerton and Denver are ongoing, and it’s possible the storied corporation could face serious civil sanction for its failure to ensure Dolloff was vetted and legally capable of acting as a Denver security guard.

Isborn has agreed to give up its municipal security license for five years.

Big League Politics revealed that Dolloff’s own social media postings expose him as a radical Democrat leftist, speaking of his disdain towards patriots and Trump supporters, likening the President to a “fascist dictator,” and speaking of being arrested at political events. Many pointed to his fanatical left-wing views as a potential motivating factor in the shooting, in which Dolloff didn’t hesitate to kill a Patriot Prayer demonstrator armed with little more than pepper spray with a shot to the head.

The settlement between Isborn Security and the city of Denver may have implications on Dolloff’s pending second-degree murder trial. The left-wing Dolloff lacked the proper licensing to function as a security guard in the city, let alone at a volatile and potentially violent situation where ANTIFA-style thugs sought to confront conservative patriots.

Dolloff has posted a $500,000 bond to leave the Downtown Detention Center. A judge presiding over pre-trial proceedings previously refused to lower the left-wing unlicensed security guard’s bond, citing overwhelming evidence suggesting prosecutors would convict Dolloff of murder.

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