Pro-America First Asians Say Populism and Nationalism are Crucial to Getting More Minorities in the Movement

Two staunchly pro-America First Asians – Vince Dao of the American Populist Union and Albert Turkington of Republicans for National Renewal – recently appeared on Big League Politics Live to give a counterintuitive message about how to sell minorities on Republican politics.

Whereas typical GOP minority outreach strategies involve humiliating stunts like kneeling for Black Lives Matter thuggery and supporting amnesty for third-world economic migrants, Dao and Turkington suggest a different approach to engage minorities by promoting hardcore populist message with red meat rather than kowtowing and offering platitudes. 

Dao pointed out that Hispanics tend to be more socially conservative than the general public even though they support big government on economics. This is why the typical GOP message based on tax cuts and cutting spending tends to fall flat with Hispanic voters.

“Now we see why the old small limited government Republican Party is not that appealing, but when you analyze the tenets of right-wing populism, what are we big on? We are big on social conservatism, and we are probably more socially to the Right than the average Republican, but we are also big on economic populism, economic nationalism,” he said.

“You notice that when we actually break down the views of, for instance, the Hispanic community, which statistically speaking are the most important ones that Republicans need to start making an outreach to in terms of demographic change, it actually fits. It actually works,” Dao added, noting that Trump made surprising gains with Hispanics in 2020 that could be seized upon if the GOP moves “fully into that right-wing populist America First direction.”

“That actually aligns more with what a lot of these groups believe rather than this whole neocon, small government and foreign wars type of policy,” Dao stated.

Turkington made the argument that Republicans need to deliver instead of offering abstractions and excuses not to wield government authority in order to bring more minorities into the movement.

“Are we delivering tangible results? Are we benefiting them in some way, shape or form? It doesn’t need to be some sort of handout or transfer payment. It can also just be more and better jobs that pay more and just a better standard of living in general,” he said.

“I really do think that as long as we deliver results, we will get the people that had a likelihood of joining our side, and the people that weren’t going to join our side anyway, it won’t hurt us one bit if they hate us a bit more because they would already hate us,” Turkington added.

Dao and Turkington agreed that restricting both legal and illegal immigration would create better opportunities for minorities in America.

The full BLP Live episode can be seen here:

Dao’s video blogs can be accessed here, and the American Populist Union’s official website is Turkington’s podcasts can be accessed here, and the official website for Republicans for National Renewal is

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