Pro-Amnesty Republican U.S. House Candidate in California is Accused of Stealing GOP Donor and Volunteer Databases

Congressional candidate Nathan Brown, who is attempting to run for U.S. Congress in California’s 16th District, is being accused of taking GOP donor and volunteer databases to help his pro-amnesty, anti-Trump campaign.

Fresno GOP Chairman Fred Vanderhoof was allegedly notified that an employee of the Fresno GOP, Matthew Gee, had accessed the internal Fresno GOP donor and volunteer databases and then shared that data with Brown while also serving as his campaign manager.

Big League Politics reached out to Vanderhoof and Fresno GOP board member Glendon Becker for comment, but neither individual responded to our request before the publication of this article.

In addition to these explosive allegations, Brown has a history of profiteering from the demographic collapse of America, making his money as an immigration lawyer helping illegals evade and flout the law of the land. He also has ties to Never Trumpers and has donated to Democrat causes.

Brown made pitiful excuses as he blamed staffers for the congratulatory message posted on his law firm’s Instagram account about President-imposed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris following the dubious 2020 presidential election marred with fraud:

Additionally, Brown has admitted to being a carpetbagger who doesn’t even live in the 16th U.S. House district where he is running to be a Congressman:

Another video shows Brown celebrating the incomprehensible decision by the Supreme Court to keep DACA amnesty in place.

“So DACA survives. That’s great news… It would definitely be a good idea to start getting together paperwork required in support of DACA applications,” Brown said, encouraging more illegals to exploit America’s legal regime to overwhelm the nation.

That clip can be seen here:

Brown has been quoted in the news as being a vocal opponent of President Trump’s immigration policies, including the border wall that is overwhelmingly popular among Republicans.

“That’s the crazy irony of all this, is that Mr. Trump ran on immigration and wanting to cut down on this court backlog,” Brown told NPR early in Trump’s presidency. “The shutdown is going to make that backlog even worse and I know a wall is not going to help with the backlog.”

“They’re already stressed out of their mind,” he added. “Many of them have been traumatized by persecution that they’ve suffered in their home countries already and then to have all this confusion added on top of it really aggravates the trauma they’re already going through.”

According to FEC records, Brown has issued donations through the Democrats’ fundraising platform, ActBlue, in a donation that was “earmarked for immigrants list.” He also liked and shared posts on his Twitter account from the Lincoln Project, a “Never Trump” front run by accused pedos and grifters.

Through his treacherous actions, Brown has shown that he is not the right congressional candidate for the new America First GOP. The illicit allegations of stealing and harvesting data are just the icing on the cake for this effete RINO.

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