Pro-ANTIFA Magazine Forced to Shut Down Following Rape Accusations Against Former Editor-in-Chief

Commune Magazine will be ceasing production of their pro-ANTIFA rag after one of the publication’s anarchist editors was accused of rape.

They made the announcement in a Twitter post on Wednesday:

Far-left activist Jessica “Leila” Raven made the claims in an explosive post on Medium back in March. She accused 31-year-old Shyam P. Khanna of Brooklyn, N.Y. of repeatedly raping her in the article.

“I saw the red flags early on. The condescending comments, the smirking, the criticism, the intimidation, the constant accusations and interrogations, the way you towered over me in your hallway, descriptions of kink that sounded more like threats, the ways you got me to apologize for things that you’d done, the ways you exploited me, assaulted me, and then turned it around and blamed me,” Leila wrote.

“You internalized oppression and aligned with the state to uphold patriarchal domination. I am embodying revolution, moving toward liberation, and leaving no one behind,” Leila added, using familiar leftist gibberish to make her point.

She wrote a follow-up post on Medium after the Tara Reade sexual assault against former Vice President Joe Biden blew up, with prominent liberals making excuses for the alleged violator.

“I feel like I’ve ended up in an ongoing abusive relationship with a leftist magazine where I have experienced cycles of violation and reconciliation similar to what I experienced with their former editor in chief — who seems to have created in this structure the perfect context to protect, enable, and cover up abuse, hidden behind revolutionary language,” she wrote in her second blog.

The digital lynch mob is blasting Commune Magazine for not addressing Leila’s rape claims in their announcement that they are closing shop.

“The fact that A) y’all are not addressing WHY you’re dissolving (you protected a rapist) and B) are not following the survivor’s call to donate your funds to Black centered survivor advocacy groups, is really indicative of the inhumanity of this publication’s board,” Twitter user @QueerXiChisme wrote.

“Your commitment to ignoring the demands made by the survivor is absolutely appalling,” wrote user @holyhag in a tweet.

“what, specifically, do you regret? do you regret the violence perpetrated by your leadership, or the fact that a survivor spoke up and refused to take continued abuse lying down? can you reflect for a single second on how to address your own complicity in violence??” wrote Twitter user @thigh_mistress.

The modern Left, which no longer believes in due process and the presumption of innocence, is cannibalizing itself as it becomes more unhinged and radical.

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