Pro-Child Grooming Organization Releases Slate of Candidate Endorsements in North Carolina

The pro-groomer organization, Equality NC, has released a slate of candidate endorsements for public office throughout the state of North Carolina.

Equality NC is an organization that lobbies to give LGBT predators intimate access to children. Ed First NC showed how Equality NC opposed House Bill 358, the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” back in 2021, which was described by bill sponsor Rep. Mark Brody as follows:

“In North Carolina, girls deserve to again compete on a level playing field. Instances of males competing in women’s sports exemplify the immediate need to act before fair competition and women’s athletic opportunities are destroyed. The Save Women’s Sports Act is the solution which ensures that all female athletes will be assured a level playing field to compete and win.”

The organization also helps “family friendly” drag queen events where children’s souls are warped by perverts and degenerates:

Additionally, Equality NC supports state health resources being used to drug and mutilate children who are convinced they are transgender. They will also headline a medical conference at Wake Forest University about “transitioning” sexes for children with a lecture named ”A Caregivers Overview of Puberty Blockers and HRT in Gender Diverse Youth.”

Equality NC has endorsed school board candidates such as Lynn Edmonds and Lindsay Mahaffey in Wake County as well as Judy Justice in New Hanover. They have also endorsed state house candidates such as Ray Jeffers, Brian Farkhas, Allison Dahle, Eric Terashima, Deb Butler, Amy Block DeLoach, Linda Cooper-Suggs, Wendy Ella May, Vernetta Alston, Marcia Morey, and Rosa Gill.

The prospective state senators endorsed by Equality NC are Kandie, Smith, Lisa Grafstein, Jay Chaudhuri, Gale Adcock, and Sydney Batch. Judiciary candidates they have endorsed include Natalie Murdock, Graig Meyer, Sean Ewing, DeAndrea Salvador, Natasha Marcus, Rachel Hunt, Julie Mayfield, Lucy Inman, Dave Hall, Kevin Jones, and Kimberly Best. County commission candidates they have endorsed include Amanda Edwards, Tonya McDaniel, Pat Cotham, Arthur Griffin, Leigh Altman, Mark Jerrell, Matt Calabria, Kevin Daniels, Laura Meier, Anthony Pierce and Martin Moore.

The national candidates endorsed by Equality NC are Congressional hopefuls Deborah Ross, Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, Alma Adams, Wiley Nickel, Jeff Jackson, and Cheri Beasley for U.S. Senate. Equality also NC endorsed candidates such as Kim Roney, Allison Scott, Antanette Mosley, Nina Tovish, Stormie Forte, Tammi Thurm, Victoria Watlington, Malcolm Graham, Dimple Ajmera, and Braxton Winston in municipal elections. The full candidate endorsement list can be found here.

The predator agenda is well-funded, dutifully organized, and ready to project their power through the electoral process. Christians and all right-minded people must stop them at the ballot box in November or face judgment.

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