Pro-DeSantis Super PAC Slammed for Embarrassing, Cringeworthy Attacks on Trump’s CNN Town Hall Performance

A pro-Ron DeSantis Super PAC is being slammed for its embarrassing, cringeworthy attacks on Trump’s CNN town hall performance.

Trump’s CNN performance earlier this week is largely being heralded as a massive success for MAGA. Trump held the line on key topics like Jan. 6 and election fraud while making salient points and being his usual charismatic and amusing self.

Some of Trump’s greatest hits from the CNN town hall can be seen here:

The pro-DeSantis Super PAC, Never Back Down, posted a diatribe that might as well have been written by a Soros-backed front, it is so dishonest:

The cowardice of the pro-DeSantis Super PAC earned the ire of War Room podcast host Steve Bannon who had media commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle on his program to slam their despicable and disgraceful efforts:

Big League Politics has reported on the DeSantis Super PAC network being run by Never Trumpers and disgraced RINO political hacks:

The billion-dollar DeVos network is rallying around Florida Governor Ron DeSantis heading into the 2024 presidential race as various tentacles of the globalist establishment declare DeSantis to be their man.

A new dark money front group, And to the Republic, has been founded by DeVos operative Tori Sachs and has already hosted events across the country promoting DeSantis in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. An operative close to the organization told POLITICO that they were “proud to help host the events…featuring Governor Ron DeSantis that put a spotlight on those state policies that are working and those that are clearly not working.”

Sachs previously worked for prominent DeVos front groups operating within their home base of Michigan, such as the Michigan Freedom Fund and Michigan Rising Action. These fronts have served to incubate the anti-Trump movement within the state’s Republican Party, sowing dissent and discord among the grassroots, and adding to the fractured nature of the Party that resulted in drastic losses during the 2022 midterm elections.

DeVos lackey Tony Daunt, who was Sachs’ successor at Michigan Freedom Fund, resigned from the Republican Party with a crybaby letter in April 2022 where he whined about “feckless, cowardly party ‘leaders’ have made the election here in Michigan a test of who is the most cravenly loyal to Donald Trump and re-litigating the results of the 2020 cycle.”

Calling Trump a “deranged narcissist,” Daunt stated the following: “Incredibly, rather than distancing themselves from this undisciplined loser, far too many Republican ‘leaders’ have decided that encouraging his delusional lies — and, even worse — cynically appeasing him despite knowing they are lies, is the easiest path to ensuring their continued hold on power, general election consequences be damned.”

“Rather than assembling the courage to do the right thing, at the right time, and guide the activist base towards the truth, they’ve repeatedly backed down and dissembled, hoping that just one more act of cowardice will be what does the trick,” he added.

The DeVos network has been behind the sabotage of the America First movement in Michigan, insiders claim, after the DeVos network heavily pressured their preferred candidate for governor, Tudor Dixon, to receive Trump’s endorsement last year.

Former Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who turned her back on Trump and resigned from her cabinet position after Jan. 6, sent a hand-written solicitation to Trump last year in order to persuade him to endorse Tudor Dixon…

A letter co-signed by lawmakers and candidates endorsed by the Michigan Trump Republicans urged Trump not to trust Betsy DeVos and assured him that a devious plot was in the works.

“There is a war going on for the soul of the GOP in Michigan with Trump-endorsed candidates on one side and the establishment DeVos family on the other,” the letter stated.

“We strongly urge President Trump not to work with Betsy DeVos in Michigan,” the letter concluded.

Ultimately, the concerns of the pro-Trump grassroots would prove to be correct. Trump would go on to endorse Tudor Dixon, who would be immediately and predictably sabotaged in her general election campaign. The DeVos network and its billions of dollars mysteriously dried up after Dixon won the nomination, and the Republican candidate was severely underfunded against Whitmer. Despite her best efforts, Dixon would go on to lose against Whitmer in November along with other Trump-backed contenders at the top of the ticket. In the aftermath, the results were cast as a loss for Trump and the America First movement when it was anything but.”

As Trump continues to dominate, the DeSantis presidential campaign will become more obviously opposed to MAGA and America First. DeSantis should pull the plug immediately if he doesn’t want to sabotage his national ambitions forever.

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