Pro-Gun Champion Lauren Boebert Wins Congressional Seat in Colorado

On November 4, 2020, Lauren Boebert won Colorado’s Third Congressional District against her Democrat opponent Diane Mitsch Bush.

Boebert made waves after pulling off major upset against incumbent Republican congressman Scott Tipton  a few months ago by calling him out for expanding mass migration and not being sufficiently pro-gun.

The New York Times provided an overview of what Colorado’s Third Congressional District looks like:

Though Colorado is trending more Democratic, the Third Congressional District covers a huge expanse of the state’s more conservative Western Slope, where progressive upscale ski towns, such as Aspen and Steamboat Springs, are interspersed with conservative ranching and working-class communities such as Pueblo and Grand Junction.

Boebert is part of a growing wing of America First representatives that want to confront the Democrat’s radical wing — The Squad. The congresswoman-elect became a national icon in 2019 after she confronted Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke during his failed presidential run over his support radical gun control. She specifically called him out for his support of banning AR-15s. Boebert bluntly told O’Rourke, “I am here to say, ‘Hell no, you’re not.”

The pro-Second Amendment advocate ended up defeating her opponent by a 51 to 46 margin.

Boebert tweeted in celebration on November 4:

Freedom wins! Thank you so much. This is a great victory for freedom and prosperity. Plus I have the honor of being the first mom to represent CO-03! It doesn’t get better than that. God bless America!

Colorado is becoming a solid blue state, with Democrat candidate Joe Biden defeating Donald Trump by a 56 to 42 percent margin. However, with Boebert in the mix, the state will at least have a loud conservative voice to keep the Left up at night and a figure for conservatives in the state to rally around.

With Boebert in the House, Republicans can now go on offense by promoting pro-Second Amendment legislation and working to gut the unconstitutional federal gun control apparatus.

There’s always a silver lining in defeat.

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