Pro-Gun Champion Marjorie Taylor Greene Will be Heading to Congress to Stand Up for the Second Amendment

Congress will now have a strong pro-Second Amendment addition in Marjorie Taylor Greene. The incoming freshman Congresswoman won her race in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

Greene won her race against Democrat candidate Kevin Van Ausdal by an emphatic 74.8 to 25.2 percent margin. This race was so lopsided that Greene’s Democrat rival dropped out months beforehand. President Donald Trump endorsed Greene previously on the campaign trail.

The congresswoman-elect went through a lot during her 2020 campaign. She originally competed in a stacked primary where she received approximately 40 percent of the vote. Because of the Georgia law, her race was forced to go to a runoff against milquetoast Republicans rival John Cowan, who received second place in the first round of the primary.

She ended up defeating Cowan 57.1 to 42.9 percent in the runoff and then went on to be an overwhelming favorite in the general election. BLP previously covered Greene’s staunch pro-gun and pro-life credentials, which made her a favorite among grassroots conservatives nationwide. Her victory has galvanized conservatives and shows that no matter how a given election night may go at the presidential level, there will always be staunch conservative options that can enter Congress and keep the other branches in check.

Repealing the series of unconstitutional gun grabs that D.C. has imposed on lawful Americans will be a tall order, but it has to be done if we want to restore any semblance of constitutional governance to America. The way this is done is by electing people like Greene. Conservatives should try to learn from Greene’s success and replicate the model for other races nationwide. One-by-one, seats across the nation will fall to America First conservatives once the right electoral strategies are implemented.

There’s no reason whatsoever to believe that the fight is over. As long as individuals like Greene can get elected, the fight to stand up against the tyranny of the administrative state will never die.

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