Pro-Gun Organization Files Lawsuit Against California’s Latest Gun Grab

In 2022, the California state government passed  AB 2571, a law to ban any communication or marketing connected to firearms that might be “attractive to minors”. The law imposes fines of up to $25,00 for violators. Jim Grant of AmmoLand noted that this law “initially put all ranges, associations, camps, clubs, FFLs, instructors, and youth organizations in jeopardy every time they sent out an email or placed an ad.” The law was subsequently amended but it only made the situation even more hairy. 

The California Rifle Pistol Association instantly moved to bar the law from being implemented by filing a lawsuit Junior Sports Magazine, Inc. v. Bonta.  Back in October, the Central District Court of California refused to grant the plaintiffs a preliminary injunction, a decision that CRPA is currently appealing.

CRPA’s legal team filed its most brief on the case on February 17, 2023. In the brief, CRPA called attention to several First and Second Amendment tests that the new law is not complying with and claims that the merits of the lawsuit are still sound.  Grant observed that “Oral arguments may be ordered in the case and would likely take place later this summer.”

“Attacks on ‘gun culture’ are a fact of life with the California legislature, but AB 2571 is egregious even by their own standards,” declared CRPA President & General Counsel Chuck Michel.

The sad reality is that California will not be a place where gun owners will be able to make reforms at the legislative level anytime soon. California’s ranking in Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners rankings says it all. It’s ranked in 48th place making it one of the most anti-gun states in the nation. 

As a result, gun rights activists will have to turn to the courts to roll back certain gun control encroachments. Other options like nullification at the local level are viable paths to halting the anti-gun onslaught.  

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