Pro-Gun Organization Stands Up for Family Whose Son Was Suspended From School for Holding a Toy Gun

A no compromise Second Amendment organization is coming to the defense of a young student who was suspended for handling a toy gun during a virtual class session.

On September 10, 2020, the National Foundation for Gun Rights issued a press release announcing that it will be providing legal assistance to the family of twelve-year-old Isaiah Elliott.

In late August, Elliott briefly moved a toy handgun with an orange tip during his remote class at Grand Mountain School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In addition, the school vice principal directed resource officers from the sheriff’s office to carry out a welfare check. However, Elliott’s parents recounted that they did not receive any notification about the police visit until they were on the way to the boy’s household.

Upon arrival, the deputies informed the twelve-year-old that his behavior could have led to criminal charges. Further, they warned that if Elliott committed a similar offense in the future, he could potentially face criminal charges.

“School officials inflicting a five-day suspension on a small boy for having a toy gun in his own home is disgusting, declared Dudley Brown, President of the National Foundation for Gun Rights. “Instead of apologizing to the parents, the school took the outrageous step of sending law enforcement to further intimidate the child and parents.”

“It is our hope that a big win here will send the message to bureaucratic bullies everywhere to back off and stop harassing innocent children,” commented Brown.

A similar case in Colorado involved eleven-year-old Maddox Blow, who ended up finishing his online quiz early, and proceeded to grab an airsoft gun.
His teacher was able to catch this incident after watching a recording of the session. The teacher then called local police to visit Maddox’s home for a welfare check. Maddox would end up getting a four-day suspension.

At the moment, the National Foundation for Gun Rights is looking at all legal means to help these families who find themselves intimidated by education officials that are all too happy to use law enforcement against children.

Over the past decade, Colorado’s gun politics have moved in a decidedly anti-gun direction. Incidents like these show how far the state is descending in terms of anti-gun pettiness.

If it weren’t for organizations such as NAGR and its affiliates, the state would likely be getting away with even worse criminal actions.

The press release can be read here.

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