Pro-Gun Organizations Complain About Michigan Government Restricting Their Speech

On April 13, 2023, two gun organizations jointly filed a lawsuit on the same day Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed several gun control bills into law. 

This lawsuit was filed in the Court of Claims, the Great Lakes Gun Rights and Michigan Open Carry claimed that both the House and Senate clamped down on their speech and discriminated against their viewpoints by not letting them have enough time to testify on gun legislation before it progressed through the legislature. 

These groups are calling for the judge to grant them a temporary restraining order or an immediate temporary ruling.

“For a political party so concerned with protecting democracy, the Democrat majorities ran roughshod over democracy when they effectively silenced one side of the gun control debate. This is a dangerous precedence to be set by either party, which is why we are challenging it,” Brenden Boudreau, director of Great Lakes Gun Rights, declared in a statement.

The gun control bills in question will establish universal background checks and implement safe storage requirements.

Michigan is ranked in 25th place for Guns & Ammo magazine’s recent rankings for best states for gun owners. While Michigan initially looked like a state that was re-aligning in a Republican direction with former President Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, it appears to be drifting in a Democratic, anti-gun direction. 

If gun owners in Michigan don’t keep their eyes on the ball, their state will become solidly blue a la California or New York. Gun rights will effectively be dead in such political circumstances.

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