Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor’s Prom Date Bullied By Planned Parenthood Senior Adviser

The start of a budding Twitter romance was almost cut short today, and you can blame Planned Parenthood for that.

Kyle Kashuv, a survivor of the Parkland, Florida shooting, who has taken mostly pro-gun positions in contrast to many of his fellow students, received an interesting direct message on Twitter yesterday. The Tweet was from a High School girl in Nebraska, who wanted nothing more than to take Kashuv to prom with her. The girl asked him how many people would need to “Retweet her” for him to go to Prom. Kyle responded with “5k.”

The young woman did reach over 5,000 “Retweets,” so the date is on, unless a Planned Parenthood Senior adviser has anything to say about it.

Elizabeth Thorp is a senior adviser to Planned Parenthood, according to her Twitter bio, and doesn’t seem to approve of the date between the two. In response to her request for a date, Thorp responded “Hard pass, sweet girl. You can do better.” Her insult towards Kashuv was not well received among Twitter users, who loudly decried the statement from Thorp.

In response, people have come together to show their support for the two. A GoFundMe fundraising page was started that has already raised over $1,000 to pay for flights, and a tuxedo rental for Kashuv.


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