Pro-Gun Researcher John Lott Believes Gun Crimes Will Rise Under Lula’s Regime

When Jair Bolsonaro was elected as president of Brazil in 2018, a new set of public policy possibilities had just emerged. Namely, the expansion of gun rights.

Under Bolsonaro, Brazil witnessed the liberalization of gun ownership through reforms that allow for lawful Brazilian citizens to buy more potent handguns and ammunition.  

Pro-gun researcher Dr. John Lott Jr., of More Guns, Less Crime fame, has watched the situation in Brazil with great interest. Lott has previously observed that Brazil is notorious for its alarmingly high crime levels and sluggish police response times when confronting criminals. In a recent post for The Epoch Times, Lott argued that the election of Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva in 2022 would mean that all progress Bolsonaro made on gun rights expansion could evaporate. 

In his first executive act, President Lula signed a decree halting gun ownership and prohibiting the sale of new ammunition. He also enacted other regulations designed to seize the firearms law-abiding Brazilians obtained during former President Bolsonaro’s time in office. 

Lula’s recent anti-gun move stood in stark contrast to Bolsonaro’s approach to crime. Bolsonaro’s solution to this problem was quite simple — allow for good people to acquire firearms and use them in self-defense. 

During Bolsonaro’s term in office, a massive increase in gun ownership took place. Lott noted that throughout 2019 and 2020 — Bolsonaro’s first two years in office — the worldwide corporate press and other self-professed “experts” that Bolsonaro’s reforms were barking up the wrong tree. The Wall Street Journal issued the following warning: 

“Violence experts say simply adding more guns to the mix … will only make the murder rate climb faster.” 

The British outlet The Guardian was concerned that Bolsonaro’s “highly controversial relaxation of gun laws – a key pledge in his 2018 campaign – is fueling fears among experts and campaigners that such moves will add to already shocking levels of violence.” 

Regardless of the concerns manifested by the international corporate press, Lott noted that “Bolsonaro’s reforms produced a 600% increase in gun ownership. Yet despite all the dire predictions, homicides in Brazil Plummeted.”

In 2018, the year prior to Bolsonaro assuming the presidency, the murder rate was 27.8 per hundred thousand people –  a figure that was 5.5 times greater than the United States homicide rate. However, this homicide rate dropped in each following year. By 2021, the third year of Bolsonaro’s term in office, the homicide rate plummeted to 18.5 per hundred thousand – a 34% reduction.

The fact is that armed law-abiding citizens are the best first responders against violent criminals especially in a country with such unreliable law enforcement institutions such as Brazil. The media won’t admit this, much to the detriment of many innocent Brazilians who likely suffer as a result of Lula’s anti-gun legislative measures. 


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