Pro-Gun Senate Candidate in New Hampshire is Endorsed by National Association for Gun Rights PAC

The National Association for Gun Rights PAC endorsed Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bryant “Corky” Messner.

Messner is running for office in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Senate candidate joins immigration patriot Kris Kobach in receiving endorsements from the pro-Second Amendment group’s political action committee.

The group was formed in 2000 and boasts 4.5 million members. NAGR’s unique value proposition is its focus on bringing constitutional carry to all 50 states. According to the Center for Responsive Politics’, the PAC made $200,000 in contributions in 2018.

“At a time when the Second Amendment is under assault by anti-gun politicians in both parties, it’s encouraging to see a candidate make protecting the right to bear arms a centerpiece of his campaign,” declared NAGR-PAC Director Dudley Brown.

“I thank the association and its members for this endorsement,” remarked Messner, who is one of two Republican candidates vying to confront Democrat incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen in the November general election.

“I have always believed in the right to bear arms, envisioned by our founders and protected by our Constitution, and the National Association for Gun Rights has been a steadfast ally in the fight against relentless attacks on our Second Amendment freedoms,” Messner stated.

“Messner has vowed to fight legislation that would infringe upon the Constitutional right of Granite Staters to defend themselves, their families or their home, or to engage in hunting or other shooting sports,” his campaign announced.

NAGR is one of the premiere pro-gun organizations in the country and their endorsements aren’t just handed out to anyone.

Messner should be on every gun owners’ radar in the 2020 election.

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