Pro-LGBT Publication Argues That ‘Queer’ Public Sex Should Be Permitted by Society

A pro-LGBT publication, The Daily Dot, has published an article arguing that “queer” public sex should be allowed by polite society.

“Public sex is a thrill because it can happen anywhere. House parties, gay bars, parked cars, single-use restrooms, leather parties, the Wendy’s near City Hall, the hotel bathroom at a gaming convention. Each of these locations is loaded with memories. Maybe the encounters there were spontaneous and completely unexpected, like running into a friend at a queer bookstore and fucking after drinks,” author Ana Valens writes in the column.

Valens’ article gives a window into the lack of dignity, morality and virtue within the mainstream LGBT community.

“Having sex in a public place almost comes naturally when your body is hardly welcomed to begin with… Popular public sex locations include, but are not limited to, cars, rest stops, bathroom stalls, beaches, rooftops, balconies, alleyways, forests, parks, forests in parks, concerts, parties, bars, movie theaters, subway stations, sex clubs, parades, and marches (including Pride),” Valens writes.

The author notes that there is a rift within the LGBT movement regarding public sex. More radical adherents to the ideology believe that LGBT perverts have a right to engage in lewd activities publicly, and all of society (including children) should be forced to watch. Less insane LGBT practitioners believe that such public displays of filth are unnecessary, and prefer to keep their sodomy behind closed doors.

“There’s an ongoing culture war within the queer community between those who advocate for public sex and those who believe it’s abhorrent. As radical queers go toe-to-toe with burgeoning purity culture, issues of class, race, gentrification, sexual consent, and the long-term legacy of the AIDS crisis merge together to create one of the most complex issues the LGBTQ community deals with,” Valens writes.

Valens even endorses children having sexual relations in public in his article.

“For teens or young adults that live in strict, conservative households, public sex provides an opportunity for sexual exploration outside of family control,” Valens writes.

“During the 20th century, public sex was a cornerstone of LGBTQ sexual expression. By having sex in public, queer men, women, and nonbinary folks reclaimed public spaces from heteronormative society and turned them into hubs for queer eroticism and desire,” Valens adds.

Valens laments that “moral panic over gay public sex has grown” and that not enough homosexuals are engaging in public sex these days. He also makes the argument that not allowing public sex is discriminatory toward LGBT activists of color.

“If views on public sex are symptoms of socioeconomic differences, then by definition, debates on public sex are just as much about purity culture as they are gentrification, real estate development, and marginalized peoples’ right to exist in non-normative ways in public spaces,” Valens writes.

He also provides a testimonial from a LGBT predator who had blasphemous relations within a church, specifically choosing the church environment to defile himself because of his hatred for God.

“One time when I was maybe 18/19 I had sex in a church with this guy my age who worked in the church and had the keys. It was good sex, but more importantly, it was kind of an act of revenge for how I felt I—and countless other queer individuals before me—have been devalued and demonized by the church,” the degenerate said to Valens. “I maybe didn’t fully understand my motivations at the time but I know I LOVED it!”

The LGBT movement is greasing the civilizational slippery slope with ample amounts of lube toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and its activists are now more forthright about the depths of their soulless depravity.

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