Pro-Mass Migration Groups Reluctantly Reveal that Hispanic Voters are Not Enthusiastic About Passing Amnesty

According to a Mi Familia Vota and UnidosUS poll conducted from July to August, Hispanics voters are not particularly keen on expanding immigration during a time of socio-economic upheaval. With inflation not going away, rising crime, and a general sense of economic malaise, even Hispanics are becoming skeptical of the Democratic Party’s mass migration agenda.

Mi Familia Vota and UnidosUS — the latter formerly known as La Raza — are two Hispanic advocacy groups.

Of all important issues to Hispanic voters, “immigration reforms” were ranked in 12th place after abortion, crime, the economy, healthcare, inflation, rent, and schools.

As Neil Munro of Breitbart News observed, the observations from this poll “is yet another stake pushed into the undead claim by the business-funded GOP elites that Latinos will back GOP candidates who promise wage-cutting amnesties and more migration.” Among certain segments of the Hispanic population there exist strong  pro-immigration restriction sentiments. This is largely due to the legacy of labor activist Cesar Chavez, who was a staunch opponent of illegal immigration and other schemes to depress the wages of workers. Many Hispanic Americans whose families have lived stateside for multiple generations are not too enthusiastic about having to compete with a never-ending flow of cheap labor.

The two groups published a press statement downplaying Hispanic’s lack of mass mass migration enthusiasm:

Inflation and jobs are the #1 and #3 priorities, findings that track with long-standing Latino concerns about the economy. Health care is the fourth priority. Notably, crime/gun violence rose to #2 …For the first time, abortion is among the top five issues, and more than 70 percent of Latino voters believe it should remain legal, no matter their own personal beliefs on the issue.

While immigration is not among the top five issues, Latino voters believe strongly that leaders in Washington should provide a path to citizenship, or in the absence of Congressional action, the president should take executive action.

Overall, immigration restriction is not a deal-breaker for Hispanics. There was heavy speculation during former President Donald Trump’s presidential run that his immigration restriction platform would have Hispanics voting the way blacks do for the Democratic Party. That never came to pass. In fact, Donald Trump made solid gains with Hispanics during the 2020 elections.

Right-wing nationalists should ignore media and establishment hand-wringing about immigration patriotism. Many Hispanics are very much in favor of a nationalist immigration policy. Nevertheless, nationalists should not lose sight of the fact that the primary constituency they should be targeting is America’s white working class. There lies the keys to nationalist dominance in the current era of political realignment.


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