Pro-Trump Candidate Bashes #NeverTrump Reagan Battalion for De Facto Support of Maxine Waters

In the wake of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)¬†calling for harassment of Trump officials, candidate for U.S. Congress from California is bashing a “conservative” news outlet for providing de facto support for Waters.

“This news source [Reagan Battalion] claims to be conservative but they attack me saying I have no chance of beating Maxine Waters. Again another [Republican in name only] news source complicit in helping Maxine Waters getting Re-Elected. I will beat Maxine Waters in November 6th,” tweeted Omar Navarro, Candidate for U.S. Congress for California’s 43rd district.

But the Reagan Battalion has often dogged Navarro’s candidacy, as they did President Donald J. Trump’s, raising the question of why they would prefer Waters to a pro-Trump Navarro. The answer, of course, is because Reagan Battalion hates Trump more than they do the political left. They are not actually Republicans, or even conservatives.

“The good news: We found a guy to run against Maxine Waters,” the group wrote on Twitter in 2017. “The bad news: He is as crazy as Maxine Waters.”

There is no comparison between Navarro and Waters in terms of “craziness,” as the Reagan Battalion would have you believe. Supporters of failed presidential candidate Evan McMullin, funded by surrogates of Hungarian billionaire George Soros, are simply upset that they lost to a political neophyte two years ago. Since Navarro’s rhetoric resembles Trump’s, the Reagan Battalion is taking out their leftover anger on him.

“Is anyone besides this guy running against Maxine Waters?” they tweeted. “There better be.”

The implication from the political savants at Reagan Battalion is that Navarro cannot possibly win.

But it’s not that Navarro is a bad candidate. Apparently Reagan Battalion has not noticed that 63 million Americans voted for President Trump in November, 2016. It is politically wise of Navarro to mirror the winning rhetoric and policy of Trump, versus say, Evan McMullin, who received a grand total of 700,000 votes in the election that Trump won. When blinded by anti-Trump rage, thinking logically can be challenging.

The motive for hating Navarro actually make sense on a certain level, considering that Waters just yesterday called for mob violence against Trump supporters. The Reagan Battalion would love that. Someone should remind them that political violence in America is a leftist trait.



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