Pro-Trump Candidate Max Linn Goes For Senate in Maine


As the state of Maine gears up for its U.S. Senate primary elections on June 12, a pro-Trump challenger has stolen the spotlight on the GOP side.

“Max is an outsider, a lot like President Trump,” Matt McDonald, campaign spokesman for Max Linn told Big League Politics. “Our Republican primary opponent started [campaigning] a year ago, and he has the whole political establishment machine behind him, so for being an anti-establishment campaign, we’re doing great.”

Linn is challenging Eric Brakey, a 29-year-old libertarian running for the GOP nomination.The winner of the primary will face first-term Sen. Angus King (I-ME), in a seat that could potentially be flipped to the Republicans.

According to McDonald, one of the primary policy breaks between Linn and Brakey is immigration.

“On the issue of immigration, that’s a big divide,” McDonald said. “On multiple occasions in Libertarian meetings Eric [Brakey] has opposed the building of a wall. Max supports the wall and will use his own two hands to build it if given the chance.”

“Max also supports the deportation of all illegal immigrants,” McDonald said, adding that Linn supports switching to a merit-based immigration system. “Those who are here illegally, he believes, have to go back.”

Trade is also a contention point between the candidates.

“Max supports America First trade policies, and Eric supports ‘free trade,'” McDonald said. “Maine was one of the most devastated states in light of NAFTA. We lost over a dozen paper mills and factories, and communities were devastated.”

McDonald said that with Linn’s business background, he “speaks the language” of Trump. Linn wants to work with the Trump administration to rebuild the infrastructure of Maine, including bringing high-speed internet to many rural communities which currently do not have access to it.

“[Linn] is a successful financial planner, and he can wheel and deal,” said McDonald. “We put together a plan where we think we can bring hundreds of millions of dollars into the state of Maine in infrastructure money: New schools, new roads, new bridges and ports and airports.”

Linn is also an anti-interventionist.

“We don’t want to go to war,” McDonald said. Max is against the war. We don’t want to go to war in Syria, but we do need to fund the military.”

McDonald says that funding the military will have also great economic benefits for the citizens of Maine. Submarines are made in the Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, ME, and Linn hopes that federal contracts to build submarines and other naval equipment will go to Maine, providing an economic boost.

“Max also supports social security,” said McDonald. “As a Senator, he wants to remove the tax on social security. That will be one of the first things he does in the U.S. Senate. People who have paid into this system with the promise that it would be strong when they need it, should have it.”

Brakey wants to do away with social security, which he believes is a just another “ponzi scheme.”

“Tell that to the 68-year-old who, if he doesn’t have social security, doesn’t have any food to eat,” McDonald said.

Linn, a financial planner by trade, is described as innovative. He retired at age 42, and has done business worldwide. He is an outdoorsman who has been to every national park in America, and moved to Bar Harbor, ME to be near Acadia National Park.




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