“Pro-Trump” Candidate Running for New York Mayor Pushes for Amnesty

BLP previously covered New York mayoral candidate Fernando Mateo’s campaign and his support for expanding gun rights in New York City.

While his position on the Second Amendment made Mateo an interesting candidate, new information is coming out that shows that Mateo may not be all that he is advertising himself as. Although he positions himself as a pro-Trump candidate, Mateo’s appearances on Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” tell us a diferent story, 

BLP reached out to Gavin Wax, the president of the New York Young Republican Club, who shared a clip of Mateo’s appearance on Hot 97 back in February where he made statements hinting that he’s in favor of mass immigration.

For example, in the Hot 97 episode, Mateo stated that if he is elected as mayor, he would proceed to transform the city into a “gold rush.” On top of that, he vowed to reach out to “every country, to every city, and I will invite them to come to New York because we will turn the page,” giving the impression that Mateo is in favor of radical open borders policies.

Furthermore, Mateo heaped praise on former President Ronald Reagan’s amnesty in 1986 declaring that Reagan “saved so many lives” by enacting this amnesty. 

Often overlooked is how migrants are a reliable vote for the Democrat Party. This is the official party that promotes positive rights and other forms of government intervention in human affairs like gun control. With an expanded migrant block, the Democrats’ political power will be further augmented. 

Whatever strengths Mateo has on gun-related issues will effectively evaporate due to his advocacy of an amnesty, which judging from his interview appearance on Hot 97, he seems to be receptive to.

Jack Hadfled of the National File noted that there is a better alternative for America First patriots in New York City. That is Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the “Guardian Angels”, a non-state group with the mission of protecting citizens from crime. This group was formed in 1979 in response to the city’s previous crime surge that sullied the Big Apple’s image at the time. 

Silwa’s current platform is centered on refunding the NYPD to tackle the city’s recent crime spike. Of all the candidates vying for the position of NYC mayor, Silwa is the only serious America First candidate who stands for foundational American principles and who is willing to tackle the Left head on.

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