Pro-Trump Congressional Candidate Adrienne Bennett Takes Commanding Lead in New Primary Poll

According to the newest poll coming from Maine’s 2nd Congressional District the Pro-Trump candidate Adrienne Bennett has taken a commanding lead in the Republican primary race to see who will face Democrat Congressman Jared Golden in November’s election.

Four hundred likely voters were contacted between June 16th and June 17th by the polling company “We Ask America”.  Voters were asked their opinions on the three candidates running; Adrienne Bennett, Eric Brakey, and Dale Craft. Voters were also asked about their age, their gender and their voting history.

The results of the poll show that one month out from the Primary Election, Adrienne Bennett holds a six point lead over her nearest opponent Eric Brakey, to become the Republican nominee for Congress in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. She also holds an eight point lead over Dale Craft.

The poll also shows that the political outsider who has deep roots in the congressional district is winning with key demographics. Among seniors (sixty six years and older), Bennett has an eight-point lead on Brakey and nine-point lead on Crafts. With seniors contributing roughly half the turnout demographic, Bennett’s lead among them is essential and her strong image (48% Fav/17% Unfav) with them is contributing to that lead. Among those certain to vote, Bennett holds a 29% to 23% lead on Brakey, and is up by eight-points on Crafts who is getting 20% of the vote. With week-to-week uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, a strong lead among those determined to vote, is crucial.

While 29% of the electorate remains undecided, Bennett sits in a strong position to build on her lead. Brakey’s image with undecided voters sits at just net +1 (20% Fav/19% Unfav) so he has limited upside to close the gap. Similarly, Crafts’ image sits at just 17% Fav and 12% Unfav, meaning neither have an obvious path to improve. Meanwhile, 30% of seniors are undecided and that demographic sits right in Bennett’s wheelhouse. Her strong image (net +31% Fav/Unfav), coupled with Brakey’s high unfavorables with seniors (28%), offer room to improve Bennett’s overall ballot.

All signs point to to a strong finish for Adrienne Bennett in the Primary Election on July 14th and things look very favorable for her in November as President Trump won Maine’s 2nd Congressional District in 2016 by ten points and is projected to carry the district once again in the general election.




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