Pro-Trump Contender Raises Massive War Chest to Take Out Charlie Crist for Florida House Seat

Counter-terrorism expert George Buck launched a campaign last year in Florida’s 13th Congressional district to take out incumbent Charlie Crist, the former Republican governor who turned his back on his party and switched to Democrat. His momentum is building as he has emerged as the clear front-runner with the war chest to defeat the veteran incumbent.

Buck’s fundraising numbers indicate that he is the contender with the best shot to take out Crist in this November’s general election. FEC filings indicate that Buck raised $220,667.38 in the 4th quarter of 2019, and he raised in excess of $400,000 during the entire year. His money has largely come from a diverse pool of donors who are receptive to his “America First” message, which is an indicator that he will not owe favors to swampy special interests as a Congressman.

In his press release touting his strong fundraising numbers, Buck’s campaign boasts that he has received donations from 6,000 individuals – showing the depth of his grassroots support. Those same people giving money will be the army potentially powering him to victory in November against Crist.

“None of the donations were from swamp PACs or lobbyists, they came from average every day Americans and Floridians who want to take this country back,” Buck said.

“I am proud of that and I won’t let my donors and voters down. We are almost at half a million raised and this is the kind of fundraising prowess needed to defeat Turncoat Charlie Crist. Charlie has done nothing while in Congress other than vote to impeach President Trump during the sham witch hunt. I can do better,” he added.

Crist, who bills himself as a moderate voice within an increasingly polarized Congress, joined with the extremists in his party ranks and hopped on board the impeachment bandwagon against President Trump.

“No President, Republican or Democratic, is above the law. No President should be allowed to leverage our national security for their personal political benefit. No President should ask foreign governments to interfere in our elections. No President should obstruct Congress’ constitutionally mandated duty to provide oversight of the Executive Branch,” Crist wrote in his public statement in favor of impeachment.

“This is a sad, painful, and divisive situation for our nation. But impeachment is the direct result of the President’s own words and actions. And we have a duty to our Oath of Office and the Constitution to not stand silent,” he added.

Far from being a career politician, Buck has a history as a retired firefighter, emergency response expert, army veteran as a trained paratrooper, and he serves as president of the 101st Airborne Association in Florida. He currently leads his fellow Republican challengers, including Amanda Makki, Anna Luna, Sharon Newby, Matt Becker, and Shelia Griffin, in fundraising for the 13th District. The primary election is scheduled to take place on Aug. 18.

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