Pro-Trump ‘Covfefe Coffee’ Brand BANNED From Amazon

Amazon Bans Pro Trump Covfefe Coffee

The beleaguered pro-MAGA coffee brand has now been completely banned from Amazon, after the website cited a single claim criticizing the coffee’s taste as proof of its low quality.

In communications provided to Big League Politics, Covfefe Coffee reveals it had had its product permanently pulled from Amazon after a single user complained to Amazon about the taste of the coffee. Amazon assumed the product must be expired, and immediately pulled it from the online retail platform.

Responding to Amazon, Covfefe Coffee provided the online retail giant with invoices stating when the coffee was roasted, photographs of the expiration date on a bag, and shipping receipts noting when Amazon received the coffee. The company also pledged to use a more expensive, larger ink to mark its expiration date to avoid any future confusion.

Big League Politics reviewed these documents, which revealed the shipment of coffee was roasted in December of 2018, allowed to rest for a prescribed period, then shipped to Amazon. The bags were marked to expire in January of 2020.

In spite of this, Amazon declined the company’s appeal twice, and now considers the coffee “stranded inventory” that will be destroyed unless Covfefe Coffee pays to recall it.

Covfefe Coffee had previously sold other merchandise on Amazon for over a year prior to starting the pro-Trump coffee brand, and is electing to completely deactivate its Amazon merchant account after this example of what the company considers political censorship.

“We are going to recall the inventory and close down the Amazon account,” the company said in a statement provided to Big League Politics, which noted that Covfefe Coffee would no longer be “giving money to our [political] opponents.”

Previously, Amazon terminated Covfefe Coffee’s ability to run advertisements on the platform. Initially, the company claimed that simply using an American flag as the backdrop to the coffee’s advertisements constituted a violation of Amazon’s rules against supporting a political candidate or cause.

After Covfefe Coffee redesigned their advertisements to appease the online retail giant, Amazon then determined that the brand’s use of “Make America Great Again!” in its advertising copy incited hate and would not be allowed. (READ MORE: Amazon: ‘Make America Great Again’ Incites Hate, Communist Manifesto Doesn’t)

After changing the verbiage of its listing, Covfefe Coffee was available on Amazon for less than a month before it was pulled entirely.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that Amazon has been unable to return the merchandise. This is true, however, Amazon now requires the company pay for its inventory to be returned or else it will be destroyed.

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