Pro-Trump Cryptocurrency MAGACOIN is Launching This Week and Giving Away 100 Coins to Supporters

A new cryptocurrency upstart, MAGACOIN is launching this week and giving away 100 free coins to every person who registers on the official website.

The idea behind the coin is to create an ecosystem where pro-Trump individuals can support pro-Trump businesses and candidates without using a financial instrument that benefits the globalists.

There are approximately 75 million MAGACOIN that are being created to represent the 75 million Trump voters who were disenfranchised during the vote steal that took place in November 2020. They will not be holding any sort of initial coin offering and will instead give coins away to patriots to build the network.

“10 Million MAGACOINS have been donated to the MAGACOIN Victory Fund, a SuperPAC created to support MAGA candidates across the country who will fight for individual rights, religious liberty, protecting the unborn, the 2nd amendment, freedom of speech and the entire America First Agenda,” they announced on their official website.

“As MAGACOIN is accepted by crypto exchanges and the value of the SuperPAC’s coin holdings increase, these coins will be traded for U.S. Currency and independent expenditures will be made to support MAGA candidates,” they added. “The greater the value of each MAGACOIN, the more resources the MAGACOIN Victory Fund will have to support and elect MAGA candidates nationwide.”

Big League Politics has reported on the tremendous viability of cryptocurrency as the Federal Reserve prints money at an unprecedented rate to prop up the failing Wall Street casino:

The price of bitcoin set a new all-time high on Monday, with the digital currency approaching $50,000 per coin.

The bitcoin rally followed an announcement from electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla that it had acquired more than $1.5 billion in Bitcoin in January, and plans on accepting the cryptocurrency as payment for its products within the near future.

The acquisition of the currency by Elon Musk’s company represents one of bitcoin’s most significant investments from a major corporation in its short history. Bitcoin’s market cap is just over $877 billion, far less than that of major western corporations. New units of the currency are obtained through a digital mining process, and the finite amount of the currency distinguishes it from compromised currencies issued by central banks and governments. It’s expected that the last bitcoin in existence will be mined by 2140.

As of early Tuesday morning, the price of one bitcoin is just above $47,000. This represents a return of more than tenfold in less than a year’s time- one bitcoin had cost under $4,000 during the worst financial day of the coronavirus recession.

The world’s primary cryptocurrency has shown its resiliency and strength in the year following the coronavirus pandemic, soaring to new heights of around $40k per coin around Christmas. Some had speculated that the blockchain currency would decline in value after hitting the peak- as it had upon hitting a $20k peak in 2017- but the February run seems to suggest otherwise.

Predictions from major western oligarchs that trade in the cryptocurrency would end in disaster are yet to materialize, and the enduring use and value of the currency may prove it to be an indispensable feature of the global economy.”

MAGACOIN may provide the basis for a market economy to blossom in a manner that benefits the people of America first and foremost. It is scheduled to launch officially later in the week.

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