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2018 Midterms

Pro-Trump PAC Offers $5K Reward for Best ‘Ditch Mitch’ Meme



Rev18 PAC, a political action committee launched by Jack Posobiec, Mike Cernovich, and Jeff Gisea is offering a $5,000 reward for the best ‘Ditch Mitch’ meme and the hilarious entries are already rolling in.

“#Rev18 is a super PAC dedicated to overhauling the GOP. We’re using social media to elect America First candidates in 2018 and beyond. Now the real work begins. Join us!” the PAC’s website reads.

Their website also states that their “policy agenda reflects an exclusive and unwavering commitment to the average American citizen who loves his country and wants to keep it.”

On October 5, the PAC announced that they will not only be supporting candidates that are for the ‘America First’ agenda in the 2018 races — they will also be creating a “Diss List” to attack Republicans who have been blocking the president’s goals from being accomplished. First target on that list is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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“Rev 18 isn’t just about endorsing candidates,” Posobiec told Big League. “We are the first PAC in history to dis-endorse candidates. Combined with our social media reach, we have a volunteer network that numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Mitch McConnell is about to see that that can do.”

Rev18 released a statement announcing the ‘Ditch Mitch’ contest on Thursday stating that “in order to build a new Republican Party, we have to clear away the weeds.”

“The #DitchMitch campaign is a shot across the bow,” explained Rev18 Chairman Jeff Giesea. “Establishment politicians need to get the message: listen to your constituents or be attacked and replaced.”

“We will call for the defeat of any candidates who back McConnell as leader,” warned Posobiec, adding further teeth to Rev18’s efforts to unseat McConnell.

Almost immediately after announcing the campaign, entries began popping up on Twitter.

Entries can include memes, gifs, videos or songs — as long as they are focused on why McConnell should step down as Senate Majority Leader.

“McConnell and his cronies represent old school politics where everything was pay-for-play and the two parties lumped together into one amorphous blob,” said Posobiec. “We need to do something about this, and we’re going straight to the people.”

The rules state that in order for an entry to qualify, participants must share submissions on social media with the hashtag #DitchMitch between now and 5pm ET Friday October 13th.


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2018 Midterms

WATCH: Corey Stewart Demolishes Tim Kaine In First Virginia Senate Debate



HOT SPRINGS, VIRGINIA — Republican U.S. Senate nominee Corey Stewart galvanized the crowd at his first debate against Democrat incumbent Tim Kaine, winning major applause on nearly every point.

PBS moderator Judy Woodruff was surprisingly fair, giving Stewart a chance to obliterate Kaine from all angles while the Hillary Clinton running mate stood frozen, shellshocked, a grim look on his face. Kaine frequently said that he agrees with President Trump when attacked head-on by Stewart. During Stewart’s segments, Kaine furrowed his brows and glanced desperately at his campaign staff, who seemed demoralized by Stewart’s upset victory.

The only time the Kaine campaign team managed to influence the TV cameras occurred when they all laughed loudly at Stewart’s accurate claim that President Trump is standing up to Russia. But even the dying Russian collusion narrative could not save Kaine from the shellacking that was waiting for him at the Omni Homestead Resort. When the debate was over, press cameras raced to surround Stewart while Kaine flop-sweated through a few perfunctory interviews in a lesser corner.

Stewart rose to the occasion regarding the media’s prime talking point about him: that he is somehow racist because he has met racists, whom he disavowed. Given multiple chances by Stewart, Kaine refused to condemn an anti-Semitic office mate in Charlottesville, saying only that her well-documented anti-Semitic views on foreign policy are “not necessarily my” views.

Here is the entire beatdown in full. We will be highlighting different aspects of this epic smackdown as the day goes on and the people of Virginia acclimate themselves to what has just become a dead-on competitive U.S. Senate race.

Rewind this PBS Newshour livestream (the debate starts at around -1:28:00):

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