Pro-Western Philosopher Jordan Peterson Has COVID-19, Daughter Expects Him to Recover

Classically liberal philosopher Jordan Peterson currently has the COVID-19 Chinavirus, according to his daughter Mikhaila, but he is expected to recover from the ailment.

Mikhaila Peterson made the announcement during a recent podcast. Her father has been recovering from a variety of ailments recently, which has stopped him from being in the public eye as Western Civilization quite literally goes up in flames.

“He was put on a whole bunch of, kind of preemptively, he was put on anti-virals and things,” Mikhaila Peterson said.

“I don’t know if that was necessary, because his symptoms weren’t that bad — he didn’t have a cough, he had a mild fever, but they just put him on everything,” she added.

Mikhaila said that Peterson is suffering his second bout with pneumonia in this year alone, as his health takes a turn for the worst.

“And so now we’ve had a step back in his recovery. Life is just not good, things are not good right now,” she said.

Despite her father’s many health issues, she believes he will make a full recovery and the family will be able to make it out of this severe rough patch.

“He’ll get better, but he’s definitely taken a step back and it’s just really unfortunate… it’s been a disaster,” she said.

The clip can be seen here:

Peterson reportedly caught the Chinavirus while holed up in a Serbian hospital after being checked in for developing a reliance on the anti-anxiety drug Benzodiazepine. Mikhaila spoke candidly about her father’s substance abuse problems earlier this year.

“Dad was put on a low dose of a benzodiazepine a few years ago for anxiety following an extremely severe autoimmune reaction to food. He took the medication as prescribed. We weren’t aware that he was developing a physical dependence on the drug until last April when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and the dose of the medication increased. It became apparent that he was experiencing a paradoxical reaction to the medication, meaning the benzos did the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. These reactions are rare but are not unheard of,” Mikhaila said.

“The worst symptom for dad was akathisia. Akathisia is an absolutely god awful condition where the person feels an incredible, irresistible restlessness, and an inability to sit still. It was so severe he was suicidal,” she added.

Mikhaila used the opportunity to warn people about the addictive nature of prescription drugs and how they can ruin lives very quickly.

“He’s a psychologist and even he wasn’t aware of how bad these medications are for some people. Physical dependence can occur in a matter of a few weeks of daily use to biologically susceptible individuals,” she said.

Even if Peterson makes his recovery from the Chinavirus, he may never be able to return to full strength as a lecturer and author during a time in which his pro-Western perspective is more important than ever.

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