‘Probably the Way People Talk:’ Pelosi Stumbles Through Defense of Tlaib’s Vulgar Comments

In a Friday morning town hall with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) stumbled through a defense of newly-minted Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s comments about impeaching President Donald J. Trump, which included calling Trump a “motherf*****”.

Here is the transcript:

Reid: So you’re not concerned at all about the way that the President’s base will react to the idea of an incoming Democratic Caucus coming in with the idea already pre-baked into the cake – they’re gonna go and get him, you guy’s are gonna go get him.

Pelosi: “You have to weigh the equities. Uh, hat is not the position of the House Democratic Caucus. Uh, and the equity to be weighed is that’s freedom of speech of an individual member. Uh, as I say, generationally, that would not be the language I would use, but nonetheless, I don’t, I don’t think we should make a big deal of it. I really don’t. I really don’t. That’s probably the way people talk around, uh, uh, um. Again, I’m a grandmother. It’s a different story. Um, but it, it is – it’s really – words have – weight a ton and the president has to realize that his words weigh a ton, too. And the – some of the words that he used has a direct impact on people’s lives. My colleagues’ comments do not have an impact on people’s lives.”


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