Professor Says ‘White Feminists Are Racist,’ Suggesting That White Liberal Women Will Never Be Accepted By The Left

Brittney Cooper, an associate professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers University and author of the book Eloquent Rage, sent a clear message about how the Woke leftist coalition is going to treat white liberal women in the long run. Many suburban white progressive women who watch Rachel Maddow’s show and similar left-wing propaganda think that they are somehow part of the “BIPOC” coalition that society keeps touting, but the reality is that “BIPOC” stands for “Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.” There is no category in “BIPOC” for liberal virtue-signaling white women on a cocktail of antidepressants screeching at strangers to wear a mask. At some point liberal white women may finally grasp the fact that anti-white activists are against white people in general, and white women cannot shed their whiteness simply because of their gender. As mass migration spells demographic doom for the Republican Party, there may come a time when Democrats no longer need white women’s votes, and then the Democrat pandering to white women will probably end. To help explain this fact, Brittney Cooper stated in a forum that she is a feminist, despite her belief that white feminists are racist.

“I’m not gonna leave my ancestors’ intellectual labor on the table because white feminists are racist today. They’ve always been racist. Some of them have been better than others. Some of them have had a better critique than others. Some of them have been down for the struggle for liberation. But, but the people who are mediocre at their politics are never the marker of whether or not you should adopt the politics,” Brittney Cooper stated.

Brittney Cooper recently made waves for her assertion that “if time had a race, it would be white. White people own time.”

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