PROGRESS: Global Fashion Brand Lists “Unisex Hijab” for Sale

Global fashion and clothing brand Benetton debuted a ‘unisex’ hijab over the weekend, seeking to market the Islamic veil towards men.

The piece of woke garbage appeared to be hosted on Benetton’s website over the weekend.

Transgenderism is strictly prohibited in Islam, but that hasn’t prevented the global corporation from seeking to ‘wokify’ the garment. Curiously, Benetton chose a white male model to display the item in its listing of the hijab, perhaps afraid to feature someone who appears more discernibly Muslim with South Asian or Middle Eastern features to wear the garment. Such an innovation is likely to be identified as heretical by members of the Islamic community.

The unisex hijab is available for $29.95.

Some far-left activists have sought to promote the wearing of the hijab(or even more concealing variants such as the nijab or burqa) among men and transgender men. A violent ANTIFA militant and transgender (male-to-female) woman in Arizona is known to appear armed with an AR-15 at riot events with a hijab, at times creating confusion among members of the public unsure if such an individual is actually a real person.

The use is the hijab is prevalent in what social scientists identify as ‘low-trust’ societies, in which members of public believe hiding their features is necessary to prevent themselves from being sexually harassed or assaulted. Research indicates that interpersonal and social has declined in the western world since the 1960’s, potentially opening the door to mass introduction of veil-style clothing such as the hijab in a rejection of the liberalization of gender relations that occurred after World War II.

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