Progressive Hack Jim Acosta Totally Ignores Biden Travel Ban After Raising a Fit Over Trump’s

Progressive hack and CNN showman Jim Acosta is applying a whopping double standard on coronavirus travel bans implemented by Presidents Trump and Biden, slamming Trump’s original COVID-19 travel bans as racist while quietly dismissing a new ban Biden implemented over the weekend on citizens of several African countries. Biden’s travel ban comes amidst the evolution of an “omicron” coronavirus variant, a new strain of the disease skeptics have warned could enable governments to re-implement draconian lockdowns and ineffective policies from 2020.

Acosta merely mentioned Biden’s travel ban, without applying any of the over-the-top and fanatical color commentary he became known for during Trump’s presidency.

Acosta had described travel bans on citizens of countries in Europe and Asia as “smacking of xenophobia in 2020,” a standard he’s unwilling to apply to Biden’s ban, targeting citizens of South Africa and its neighboring countries.

Acosta had staged a series of dramatic stunts over various travel and immigration bans in White House press briefings during Trump’s reign, in one instance being removed from a briefing for refusing to stop talking as President Trump sought to answer questions from other media figures.

The correct and sober-minded conclusion would be to recognize that both President Donald Trump’s and President Biden’s travel bans-both quickly instances where new diseases arise in specific locations- are reasonable and common sense.

CNN’s ratings have plummeted in the post-Trump era, with the public no longer interested in a cable news channel solely focused on broadcasting a faux reality show based around someone who’s no longer President.

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