NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Could LOSE Gubernatorial Race Thanks To Her Abysmal Messaging On Crime

Are you paying attention to the New York race for governor? Because Kathy Hochul is running a terrible campaign that could result in the state electing a Republican in the 2022 midterms.

As The New York Post explained in an opinion piece: “Years from now, pols and pundits will accuse lackluster incumbents who adopt a Rose Garden strategy of ‘pulling a Hochul.’”

“[Hochul] will be remembered for putting on a master class in how not to run a campaign,” opinion writer Michael Goodwin stated.

One of the biggest topics being focused on by voters in this closely-watched gubernatorial race is crime. With Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin taking the tough-on-crime approach. 

All while his opponent, Hochul, toes the line between admitting this problem even exists and arguing that she has made a significant impact on reducing the notably increasing crime wave plaguing the blue state.

According to a new poll from the Trafalgar Group from Monday, this difference in stance has Zeldin now leading the progressive incumbent governor by 48.4% to 47.6% amongst likely voters.

Only 4% of the likely voters polled said they were still undecided.

“Crime Wave Kathy is driving New York right off a cliff,” Zeldin said in a statement after the poll’s release. 

“To repeal cashless bail, fire rogue DAs like Alvin Bragg, stop congestion pricing, and take other bold action to save our state, Hochul’s gotta go,” he added.

Hochul has also been accused of hiding behind ceremonial events, in addition to “manipulating” and “gaslighting” voters into thinking crime is not an issue of top concern.

“It also rubs salt in the wounds of crime victims, of whom there are legions, and it taunts the grief of those who had loved ones shot, knifed or pushed in front of ­subway trains,” Goodwin explained.

Other smears on Hochul’s failing campaign include her willingness to shell out more than $600 million dollars of taxpayer cash for COVID tests “from a company whose owners donated some $300,000 to her.”

Seeing that Hochul’s terrible messaging on crime is her campaign’s biggest weak spot, prominent Republican figures have chimed in to highlight just how bad criminal activity has become in the infamous blue state.

It doesn’t help that Hochul continues to label crime wave statistics as a right-wing “conspiracy theory.”

As Goodwin outlined: “In the city, car theft, robbery, rape, burglary and assault are on the rise by anywhere from 11% to 38% over last year, according to NYPD stats.”

All these mistakes and poor messaging could be the Democrat’s downfall when voters show up to the polls next week.

“In short, four more years of Hochul will likely mean four more years of decline in public safety along with increases in taxes. The cost of living will soar while the quality of life will drop, hallmarks of virtually every state where Democrats hold all power,” Goodwin added in his opinion piece.

“It’s such a grim picture that you have to wonder why Hochul wants the job. Then again, given her awful campaign, maybe she’s trying to signal she doesn’t really want it after all,” he bluntly concluded. “That would explain everything.”

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