Progressives Demand Violence After Covington Catholic High Schoolers Are Doxxed

Several leading progressives are responding to an incident outside the Lincoln Memorial by calling for violent acts to be inflicted on students from Kentucky’s Covington Catholic High School, who engaged in a peaceful confrontation with a Native American demonstrator on Saturday.

In the incident, the teenaged boys (many of whom were clad in ‘MAGA’ apparel) in the area for the annual March for Life were confronted by Nathan Philips, a Vietnam veteran in the area for a Native American political event. Contrary to the assertions of fake news media reports, the boys did not engage Mr. Philips, but were approached by him as he drummed a beat on a traditional Native American instrument and sang.

There was nothing particularly outrageous or “racist” about the interaction- but that hasn’t stopped progressives and establishment media figures from framing the incident as if represented the embodiment of “white male entitlement.” Several progressives, demonstrating themselves unable to control their naked hatred and pure rage in response to the incident, went so far as to call for the boys to face violence or legal sanction for their (non)action.

One Gizmodo reporter, Anna Merlan, called for the boys to be lowered into a “shark tank” in response to the milquetoast incident.

Not really as amusing as it was when Dr. Evil had the same idea.

The accusations Merlan cited of the boys chanting ‘Build the Wall’ at Philips remain completely unsubstantiated, despite several videos of the incident existing. However, footage of the boys(mostly white) being racially abused by demonstrators accompanying Philips surfaced.

Some progressives outraged by the incident took a more practical approach to physically harming the boys than Merlan’s shark tank fantasy, calling for them to be punched or attacked. Content revealing the identities of Covington Catholic students pictured in the videos and encouraging people to attack them was deleted from Instagram.

One progressive called for the boys to face criminal penalties for the confrontation, without specifying on what grounds they could be prosecuted.

Just another day in the world of the hateful and intolerant left!

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