Project Veritas Files Complaint Against Former CEO James O’Keefe Following Suspicious Ouster

Project Veritas has filed a legal complaint against its former CEO James O’Keefe after ousting him under suspicious conditions earlier this year shortly after his most consequential leak to date regarding Pfizer’s gain-of-function mad science experiments with COVID vaccines.

Veritas is suing O’Keefe, his new media organization O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) as well as journalists RC Maxwell and Anthony Iatropoulos, claiming breach of contract and “serious and significant damage” inflicted on Veritas. They are demanding that O’Keefe be banned from soliciting former Veritas donors and employees through an immediate court injunction.

“If this Court does not preliminarily enjoin O’Keefe and OMG from soliciting Project Veritas’s donors and employees, they may have solicited them all by the time Project Veritas wins a judgment prohibiting them from such solicitation,” the filing states.

The full complaint can be seen here.

Veritas is under fire from critics who believe that the organization is engaging in lawfare against O’Keefe in an attempt to destroy him. They released the following spin in response:

Big League Politics reported on O’Keefe clearing the air about the situation after he was run out of Veritas by the board of directors:

James O’Keefe has been forced out as CEO of Project Veritas following an investigation into his alleged improprieties from the organization’s board of directors.

O’Keefe made the announcement to Project Veritas staffers. His message was videoed and has been released to the public.

“Over the last few weeks, I have felt a lot of despair and seen a lot of evil and felt overcome with various emotions… You can say I’ve seen glimpses of heaven and hell,” he said.

“The statement I made before was Veritas will never be defeated from the outside, it will only be defeated from the inside. That’s actually not true. No, the only way to defeat is if they take our spirit, and from the looks of things, many of us remain completely undefeated and unbroken,” O’Keefe added, vowing that he will never be done.”

Big League Politics also profiled Veritas board member Matt Tyrmand, the chronically inadequate manlet who took the 40 pieces of silver to lead the conspiracy against O’Keefe. It should come as no surprise that this weasel is a neo-Never Trumper as well as a cheerleader for the War in Ukraine.

O’Keefe is under attack because he is one of the most dangerous men fighting against the globalist regime. The elites are trying to pull a Julian Assange on him, and the organization he founded has been fully subverted and is leading the charge against freedom.

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