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Project Veritas’ Google Whistle-Blower Reveals Identity and Urges Others to Join Him: ‘Come and Tell the World’

Zachary Vorhies is the new Edward Snowden.



The courageous whistle-blower who leaked out information to Project Veritas in June showing how Google was manipulating its algorithms for the purposes of extreme Draconian censorship against conservatives has revealed himself as Zachary Vorheis.

A treasure trove of leaked Google internal documents are now available to view on the Project Veritas website with tabs on censorship, politics, fake news, hiring practices, leadership training, machine learning fairness, partisanship, psychological research, misc and video, and

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Some of the leaked documents indicate that Google acts as a partisan publisher rather than a neutral platform, which may nullify their protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996.

Another leaked document shows how Google has prepared their Big Brother censorship policies and defended them with politically correct neologisms.

Google has also been exposed for their manipulation efforts during the 2016 presidential election, attempting in futility to make sure Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump.

Another document shows a massive list of websites that are blacklisted by Google, most of which are conservative-leaning in their focus:

Google has also been exposed for using a bizarre analogy regarding “coffee beans” to describe their diversity policies in hiring, a fact that they wanted to keep hidden from the public.

Vorheis is already under attack by the liberal media, desperate to defame the whistle-blower in the hopes that it will take the public’s eyes off the leaked documents showing Google’s deceptive and unethical practices.

Veritas founder James O’Keefe took the fake news hacks to task in a tweet defending the veracity of his work and the unassailable nature of the document leak:

Regardless of the desperate spin attempts by those in Google’s pocket, the documents leaked by whistle-blower Vorheis – at great risk to his personal safety – provide all the ammo President Donald Trump needs to bring the hammer down on Big Tech before they can manipulate the results of the elections in 2020.


SHAMEFUL: Apple is Lobbying to Undercut Law Condemning Chinese Slave Labor

Big Tech is addicted to Chinese slave labor.



The Washington Post reported over the weekend that tech company Apple is lobbying to undermine a law condemning China’s use of slave labor.

WaPo claimed that two congressional staffers are saying that Apple lobbyists are trying to undermine the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act. The Act, which passed the House of Representatives by 403-6 in September, audits importers and tech companies for potential use of Uyghur slave labor in China.

China’s persecution of its Turkic Muslim Uyghur minority is well known, with some observers speculating that the mercantile-Communist nation has moved up to a million Uyghurs to detainment camps in the Xinjang province.

Many have questioned whether Apple itself is benefiting from the use of forced Uyghur labor. Lobbying company Fierce Government relations has accepted $90,000 from the company to lobby against anti-China legislation, the Daily Caller reported on Saturday.

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Apple has utilized Chinese government-run enterprises to manufacture its products for years. Global criticism of China and damage to its reputation has led the $2 trillion company to consider moving some of its manufacturing to India, a country globalist oligarchs are increasingly looking towards as a reservoir of cheap labor for outsourcing purposes.

Globalist monopolies such as Apple don’t compete within a “free market.” They secure access to governmental power in American and abroad and ruthlessly use it to their advantage.

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