Project Veritas Releases Video of Washington Post Reporter Explaining the Paper’s ‘Hidden Agenda’

Project Veritas Screenshot

A newly released undercover video from Project Veritas captured Washington Post National Security Correspondent Dan Lamothe and Director of Product Joey Marburger discussing how the way that they cover President Donald Trump is good for business.

“The motto of the Washington Post is ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness,’ we think democracy dies when the media has a very biased agenda that they don’t reveal to the public,” Veritas founder James O’Keefe explained in their latest video.

In the footage, Lamothe admits that his co workers do not like Trump and that the editorial board at the newspaper does not just cover the news, but rather tries to “educate people, but with a point of view.”

“Where people probably ding us, and probably have a point… we’re right in what we say, but what we cover… like we’re right on the story, but like, you’re spending a lot of emphasis on this or that,” Lamothe says of the paper’s coverage of sensational stories.

Marburger, for his part, stated that he is in close contact with Jeff Bezos and that the newspaper’s new tagline was driven directly by him.

Earlier in the day, Project Veritas was exposed by the Washington Post for allegedly attempting to target them in a sting with a fake Roy Moore accuser. The woman claimed that she had been impregnated by Moore as a teenager and that he had driven her to Mississippi to undergo an abortion. The Post never published the story, as they discovered evidence that she was working to frame them.

In the newly released Veritas video, he referred to the allegations as an “imagined sting.”

The Post story was released after O’Keefe took to Twitter to blast the outlet for attempting to use Veritas’ style guerilla tactics on him. As O’Keefe was approached by Aaron Davis, an investigative reporter with the post, he swiftly called him out on attempting to use Veritas tactics.

“They’re worried we have a story on them… we do,” text over the video read.

Project Veritas also tweeted at the Washington Post warning them to “expect a busy week.”

The videos from inside mainstream media outlets have been part of a series that Veritas is calling American Pravda.

O’Keefe has had previous run-ins with the Washington Post, recently releasing a phone call with the newspaper’s reporter Paul Farhi, in which he confronts the reporter over a lie that he had published in his coverage of the American Pravda videos.

Farhi had claimed that O’Keefe did not disclose that one of the CNN employees who had been exposed was based in Atlanta, despite the fact that it is plainly stated during the introduction of the Veritas video.

“[The video] doesn’t disclose that he is based in Atlanta — not in Washington or New York, where most of CNN’s coverage of national affairs and politics are produced,” Farhi wrote.

“There’s a factual error that says i did not mention that john was based in Atlanta,” O’Keefe says during the call. “In my on-camera in the video I clearly state that he, you know, he’s from Atlanta. Can you publish a retraction on that?”

“Let me look into it,” Farhi says. “Yes, if we got it wrong we got it wrong, we’ll correct.”

In subsequent emails, Farhi says that the paper is sticking by the fake news and will not be publishing a retraction. He also tells O’Keefe to “drop dead.”

In October, Project Veritas released an undercover video from inside the New York Times — where an editor admitted to targeting the Trump brands and family to attempt to strong arm President Donald Trump into resigning.

Veritas also released explosive footage of CNN producer John Bonifield admitting that the network’s coverage is “mostly bullshit” — and being done by direct order of Zucker.

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