Project Veritas Whistleblower April Moss Who Went Viral for Going Rogue on a CBS News Live Broadcast Calls for Others to Come Forward

Project Veritas whistleblower April Moss recently appeared on Big League Politics Live to explain why employees at media conglomerates must come forward and make their voices heard to expose corruption.

Moss, who was formerly a meteorologist for a CBS affiliate in Detroit, told the truth live on air about the corruption and censorship that went on behind the scenes. That video can be seen here:

Moss feels empowered after speaking the truth live on air and has received a groundswell of support and monetary backing from patriots nationwide for making her heroic stand.

“Once COVID hit, I felt like there was almost a wall up where you were not going to be able to bring up truthful information to the people,” she said.

“We need more brave people to come forward. The world has to hear what you have to say,” Moss added.

Moss says she is talking to patriots all across the country who are witnessing horrifying actions behind closed doors in their workplaces, and she is encouraging them to come forward immediately.

“I would just want you to know. You’re not alone. I’m here for you. Project Veritas is here for you. Please email me…Contact me, and we will talk. I will be supportive of you, and we will put a plan in place on what to do,” she said, adding that “this is the time to stand up and be courageous while we will have a semblance of a country.”

“If we wait any longer on these things, if we wait for a year to two years from now to finally wake up and realize that they’ve been violating our rights, it’s going to be too late so this is a pivotal time in history that you can be a part of,” Moss said.

Moss says she is currently working on independent journalism primarily on alternative platforms because she anticipates censorship from the monopoly tech platforms, which she has already experienced from YouTube. She will also be working with Michigan for Vaccine Choice in an activist role in the Detroit area and has a fundraiser coming up for the group in September.

Moss can be reached at [email protected] and her crowdfunding page can be accessed here.

The full BLP Live episode can be seen here:

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