Prominent ANTIFA Operative is Revealed as Wealthy, Privileged Mental Health ‘Expert’ From Colorado

A prominent ANTIFA operative, who regularly spreads hate and vitriol anonymously against conservatives on social media under the pseudonym “Goth Bot Alice,” has been exposed as Heidi K. Lightenburger, a privileged wealthy mental health “expert” living in Colorado.

The Justice Report broke the story on Lightenburger’s identity, scouring through social media posts and other information on the internet in order to make the connections confirming that Lightenburger is in fact “Goth Bot Alice.” She rose to become a prominent ANTIFA operative, associated with the infamous doxxing collective It’s Going Down.

Lightenburger was initially exposed after one of her fellow mentally-ill ANTIFA comrades turned on her over a quarrel:

The Justice Report analyzed ANTIFA podcast appearances by “Goth Bot Alice” and compared them to public speeches made by Lightenburger. The voice match analysis can be seen here:

Peering into Lightenburger’s history, the Justice Report found that she was the child of immense privilege who merely roleplayed as a hero of the underclass on the internet. Growing up in a small town with a population that was over 90 percent white, she received a liberal arts degree at the University of Northern Colorado and then purchased an online master’s degree in Public Health at Capella University.

After graduating she worked as a “Community Outreach Coordinator” at the nonprofit Carson J. Spencer Foundation, which is now defunct. She later worked at another nonprofit, Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners, as a peer support specialist. Any other work history of Lightenburger’s has been scrubbed from the internet, if it exists at all.

Her father, Henry “Don” Lightenburger, passed away in 2019. Don worked as a Beech Aircraft plant in Longmont, Colorado. After making money as an engineer, Don invested in businesses and became massively wealthy. He owned several Best Western hotels, and eventually served on the Best Western International Board of Directors in 1991.

One of the Lightenburger’s many family properties was worth $2.8 million dollars as of 2001. Another property was sold by the Don Lightenburger Trust in 2020 for $1.6 million dollars. Justice Report noted that “Don’s hard work and dedication to success ensured that his family could live in a state of perpetual comfort long after he passed.”

His daughter would use the immense wealth accumulated by her father to become a prominent ANTIFA terror enthusiast, using her privilege to undermine the system of free enterprise that allowed her family to live the American dream.

Here are some of Lightenburger’s posts on social media celebrating domestic terror and violence by left-wing extremists:

Other posts detailed Lightenburger’s severe mental instability and suicidal inclinations, including the fact that she murdered three babies in the womb:

Lightenburger’s examples shows that yet again the underbelly of the ANTIFA movement is filled with unstable hypocrites who blame nationalism and capitalism for their own inadequacies and defects.

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