Prosecution’s Medical Expert Admits George Floyd Had 98% Oxygen Saturation in His Lungs, Meaning Asphyxiation Was Not Likely

During the final day of testimony in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, the medical expert for the prosecution, Dr. Martin Tobin, stated that deceased serial felony George Floyd had 98 percent oxygen saturation in his lungs following his death.

“’It was 98 percent saturated with oxygen when they measured it at Hennepin County Medical Center and that was 9.16pm,” Tobin said to the court. This is a normal level of oxygen in a person’s lung, making it very unlikely that he was deprived of oxygen while being restrained by Chauvin.

With desperation setting in, the prosecution also attempted to thrust some evidence into the court proceedings at the 11th hour. Judge Peter Cahill made it clear that he would not tolerate this sort of uncouth and unethical behavior in his courtroom. 

“I find that the defense gave sufficient notice to the state that the carbon monoxide that was potentially in George Floyd’s blood could have affected his death,” he said.

Even though the prosecution was rebuked by Cahill, they still proceeded with questioning for Dr. Tobin that some experts believe may result in a mistrial.

“If he even hints at evidence the jury has not heard about it’s going to be a mistrial pure and simple,” Judge Cahill said.

Big League Politics has reported on how the Chauvin case is descending into a farce with supposed witnesses unable to maintain basic conduct standards in the kangaroo court:

Photographic evidence produced during the murder case against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin shows that he restrained serial felon George Floyd by placing his knee on Floyd’s back, rather than his neck…

The Democrats, the fake news media, and even some weak cowardly Republicans continue to spread the falsehood that Chauvin asphyxiated Floyd by placing his knee on his neck.

This Big Lie has given Black Lives Matter terrorists the mandate to burn down cities in an orgy of destruction. If justice is served and Chavin is acquitted, more neighborhoods will inevitably burn as the rule of law is replaced by rule by mob…

America is falling to pieces under the yoke of multiculturalism. It may not be possible for certain racial groups to receive a fair trial in America before long.”

This Chauvin case is based on an anti-white blood libel that has turned that has activated marauding savages serving as the puppeteers useful idiots. If Chauvin is pronounced guilty, then rule of law will be replaced by rule by mob in the former land of the free.

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