Prosecutors Cite Video of Jussie Smollet Staging ‘Dry Run’ of Racist Hate Hoax


On the first day of actor and celebrity Jussie Smollett’s trial on hate hoax charges in Chicago Wednesday, prosecutors spoke of a video that reveals Smollett staging a “dry run” of a hate hoax in which he would be supposedly attacked by two Trump supporters who attempted to lynch him. In reality, Smollett would be “attacked” by two Nigerian brothers he paid to stage the attack for publicity and sympathy.

Prosecutors state the video reveals Smollett escorting the Osundairo brothers at the very area the 2019 hoax occurred, explaining how he wanted them to stage the attack.

Prosecutors contend that Smollett paid the Osundairo brothers $3,500 to stage the hate hoax, a claim substantiated by the brothers themselves.

The first day of trial proceedings went poorly for the defense, with prosecutors revealing text messages from Smollett in which he spoke of his love for the Osundairo brothers and his belief they’d never do anything wrong. Smollett’s lawyers are arguing that the Osundairo brothers are sophisticated criminals who actually carried out the attack on Smollett posing as conservative Trump supporters, for some reason. Smollett continues to assert his innocence, even with a mountain of evidence indicating he staged the entire hate hoax incident.

Smollett, who filed numerous bunk police reports after the 2019 hoax, has argued he shouldn’t have to replay costs of the investigation into his hoax because police “overinvestigated” his claims.

The video prosecutors spoke of in the first day of Smollett’s trial could be critical to his conviction. Smollett could face a punishment as severe as three years in prison for the hoax, although it’s unlikely he’ll face a serious punishment for the act.

Smollett initially used his political and elite connections to Cook County Attorney Kim Foxx to beat charges of disorderly conduct, only for a special prosecutor to step in and refile charges Smollett had faced for the hate hoax incident.

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