Protective Casing Installed Around Thomas Jefferson’s Gravestone in Missouri to Deter ANTIFA Vandalism

The University of Missouri installed a $20,000 protective acrylic casing around Thomas Jefferson’s original tombstone last month, amidst fears that the historic monument would be attacked or vandalized by campus leftists.

This is Jefferson’s original tombstone that was entrusted to the university and we have a responsibility to insure that it is preserved appropriately,” University of Missouri spokesman Christian Basi told the Associated Press in regards to the case.

Jefferson’s first gravestone (since replaced in Virginia) was granted to the University of Missouri as a nod to the legacy of the Louisiana Purchase, with the school being the first of its kind established in the territory secured for the United States during Jefferson’s presidency. It appears many in the area of the Columbia, Missouri university are less inclined to celebrate the 3rd president’s legacy. A motion detection light system had been installed next to it over the summer as a possible anti-vandalism measure.

The obelisk grave reads “Here was buried Thomas Jefferson; Author of the Declaration of American Independence; of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom; Father of the University of Virginia.

Students at Mizzou have pushed for the removal or destruction of the grave stone, describing the American founding father as a mere “racist slave owner.” More than 3,500 signed a petition calling for its removal. The Chancellor of Mizzou refused to arrange for its removal, but it may be only a matter of time until the University is forced to remove Jefferson’s grave or it’s outright destroyed by leftist cultural militants.

Perhaps the University of Missouri should deed the historical monument to a city or organization that will ensure its safety by locating it away from left-wing cultural militants. It can then be replaced on university grounds with a new monument commemorating George Floyd and rape fugitive Jacob Blake.

This was never about Confederate monuments. It has been fundamentally about hatred and jealousy for American heritage and what it represents since the very beginning.

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