“Protesters” in Austin Burn American and Texan Flags

On June 19, 2020, agitators in Austin, Texas stormed the police headquarters and pulled down the U.S. and Texas flags.

According to PJ Media, protesters were chanting “’F*** the police!’ over and over again.” The video that caught this incident depicted the agitators lowering the Texas amid loud cheering. Apparently, the American flag was lowered before the recording started.

One tweet has photos of flags burning on the ground.

This entire episode did not morph into anything more violent.

However, on June 20. 2020, the Austin Police Association posted some surprising news on its Facebook feed.

APD is likely to see the number of police retirements double by the end of the year.

The APA highlighted that the city of Austin city council voted unanimously to defund the police. The city manager followed up and announced the elimination of 100 sworn officer positions and new delays in the current cadet class.

Due to Austin’s increasingly lax policing policies, the Texas Department of Public Safety is starting to pick up slack by patrolling Austin’s streets. In recent weeks, Mayor Steve Adler and the city council have been trashing APD in recent weeks. The city council has been attempting to force Police Chief Brian Manley to abdicate after an activist group has been clamoring for him to get the boot, but have been unsuccessful so far. State law does not allow the city council to fire police chiefs.

The anti-police radicalism is clearly spreading like a virus.

Should the Left have their way, America will be on the cusp of experiencing an unprecedented crime wave.

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