Protests Outside Canadian Embassy In NYC In Support Of Truckers

A crowd of protesters chanting “We Won’t Comply” gathered outside the Canadian embassy in NYC. The protest was in support of The Canadian Freedom Convoy. Protesters could be seen carrying anti Socialism signs.

The Post Millennial reported, both American and Canadian flags were featured. “Footage by Leeroy Press shows protesters outside the Canadian Embassy on Manhattan’s Park Avenue waving American and Canadian flags and showing their support for the protesters against the Trudeau government, which yesterday enacted the Emergencies Act.

“The Prime Minister said that under the Act his government would move to freeze the funds of those who are protesting, as well as revoke their licenses and insurance.”

These moves were opposed by premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec.

This is clearly draconian and a power ploy by the Trudeau regime. Like Biden and the American Leftists the Left in Canada has sought to demonize the truckers. Trudeau is a well known left wing globalist who had the gall to accuse a conservative Jewish member of Canadian parliament of “standing with people who wave swastikas.”

The Jewish member of parliament made the point by reading a 2015 quote from Trudeau when he said, “If Canadians are going to trust their government, their government needs to trust Canadians.” Sadly globalists around the world distrust their own citizenry and Trudeau is clearly no exception.

In the words of The Post Millennial, “What began as a protest that was opposing mandates specific to their industry has become a global cry for an end to restrictions inspired by the Covid pandemic.” Americans and Canadians alike will tolerate Fauciism no more.

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